Introduction to C-Sharp | Use of C#

Use of C sharp/C#

C-sharp is used to write dynamic web pages and XML web services, a component of the distributed application, a database access component, a classical window desktop application and new smart client application that allows for on/offline capabilities.
Advantages of.Net
Object-oriented programming
C# and.Net is entirely based on an object-oriented programming system.

Good designing
A base class library which is a design from the grouped up in a highly intuitive way

Language independence
VB.Net, C#, J#, and Call are compiling to a common intermediate language.

Better support for dynamic web pages
Using ASP.Net we can develop the dynamic website with little efforts.

Efficient data access
ADO.Net provides efficient access to relational databases and a variety of data sources.

Code sharing
The code is shared b/w application introducing the concept of the assembly which replacing the traditional DLL (Dynamic Link Library (not self-executed)).

Improve security
Each assembly can also contain built-in security information that can indicate precisely who or what category of user or process is allowed to call which method on which class.

Low impact installation
There are two types of assembly shared and private. Shared assemblies are a common library available to all software whereas the private assembly is intended only for use with the particular software. There are no registry entries. The appropriate files are simply placed in a folder.

Property of AJAX

Improve efficiency Improve efficiency bios a significant part of a web pages processing are performed in a browser.

The familiar user interface element Familiar user interface tooltip and pop-up windows.

Partial page update It refers only the part of the web page that has changed.

• Client integration with ASP.Net application services for form authentication, roles, and user profile.
• Support for most popular and generally use web browser like IE (internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc. )

LINQ (Language Integrated Query Framework)

LINQ provides a strongly typed interface for the data stores. Using LINQ we can create a query against an object. Data sets, SQL Server database, XML and more.

Multi-targeting within visual studio
We can work with a multiple.Net application that is targeted at either of the.Net framework 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5. Supporting the latest application type

It has the ability to build a new application type using the window presentation foundation as well as application and library based on the window communication foundation and the window workflow foundation.
Compilation in C# • Compilation of source code to MSIL (Microsoft intermediate language)
• Compilation of IL to platform-specific code by CLR (Common language runtime)
Features of IL
• Object orientation and use of interfaces.

• Strong distinction between value and reference (string/object) type.

• Strong data typing

• Error handling using exception

• Attributes