SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)

An SOA is a collection of services. These services communicate with each other. The communication can involve either simple data passing or it could involve or more services coordinating some activity. The combination of services internal and external to an organization makes up service-oriented architecture. A service is a function i.e., will define self-contained and does not depend on the other services.

Introduction to SOA

An IT organization consist of many different parts each of which contributes equally toward the goal of helping IT meets the business need. Each of these parts has the specific requirement for management as follows:

• System

• Network

• Application

• Information

• Services

• Processes

• Databases

• Integration

• Warehouses

• Migration etc

SOA is an architecture that represents software functionality on the network.

Benefits of SOA

• Service-oriented

• Event-driven

• Align with life cycle support processes

• Able to support assembly and integration

• Offer business services across the platform

• Location independence

• Authentication and authorization support at every level

• Reduce hardware cost.