PHP Tutorials Reference

GET method in PHP

In this tutorial, we will learn about the PHP GET method. There is no security with the GET method if you have the password or other sensitive information to be sent.

POST Method in PHP

In this tutorial, we will learn the PHP POST method. The POST method transfers information via HTTP headers. Define the POST Method in PHP. In this PHP tutorial, we will implement the PHP POST method example.

PHP: include() function

The include function used to include the file. If you want to copy another file data on a page so you can use the include() function. Define Include Function in PHP.

PHP: Require() Function |Difference from include() function

The require function used to include the file. If any error occurred, you will get plain warning messages or fatal errors. In this example, we will learn PHP require() function with the best resource.

PHP: Request Method | Variable

The request method can access the value of the GET and post method. The superglobal variable REQUEST contains the contents of both $_GET, $_POST, and $_COOKIE.Defined Request Method example in PHP

PHP: Redirection

Redirection is the operation in PHP, where users jump from one page to another. We use the header () function to redirect from one page to another.

PHP: Add two input box values and sum in third box

In this tutorial, we will add two input box values and find the result in the third input box. Add two input boxes and sum in the third input box on the same page. Using three text boxes for addition in PHP

Local server vs Global Server .| Difference Between Local Server and Global Server

The files you create are saved inside the server. Whenever you can make it to the locally you can use this server on a single system and the organization. Whenever you visit a website, the browser sends a request on the server, then the server returns the output to related request. Difference Between Local Server and Global Server

What is Xampp Server ? | Local Server

Xampp is a local server that provides you many facilities. You can run on HTML,PHP, WORDPRESS, , PERL, Megento, etc. You cannot run your website with xammp because it is a local server . Here you can see Xampp local server how to Download xampp local server, Define xampp local server and Install xampp local server

How to download and Install Xampp local sever?

Xampp is a local server. If you want to install a local server(xampp server ) on your own system then you can install it easily. Here you can see how to how to download and install xammp local server. The PHP xamp local server installation