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The leisure clubs and tourist hotels created by the expandable container houses are very fashionable and very special.

The roof material of the container house is made of outer glass steel + steel frame + inner glass steel, equipped with ventilation systems such as water, electric lines and doors and windows, meeting rooms, accommodation rooms, toilets, etc., functional layout and ease of use, high comfort, reflecting A unique style of freedom and creativity.

Some scholars have asked the government to make a strong appeal for the introduction of supporting policies for container houses. The development momentum of container houses has been expanded intentionally or unintentionally. In fact, on the other hand, container houses have more advantages and functions than traditional buildings. For example, in hotels, resorts, holiday villas, motels, restrooms, cafes, convenience stores, rest kiosks, etc.

Compared with brick-concrete structure houses, container construction water consumption is 1/30 of brick-concrete structure houses, concrete loss is 1/50; construction waste and decoration waste are reduced by about 99%, and concrete consumption is reduced by about 9,800 cubic meters. Reduce construction water consumption by about 1,450 tons and reduce construction waste by about 495 tons; building materials recovery rate is 70% higher than that of traditional buildings, construction period is shortened by about 50%, and overall energy saving is about 50% compared with brick-concrete structure houses.

In addition, the 50mm rock wool board used in the container house is twice as hot as the 250mm brick wall used in the traditional brick-concrete structure.

For more information, you can click here: Prefab Housing Prices.

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