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Rahul Gandhi is known as Pappu because he makes a lot of mistakes in the speech. Most of the peoples say  Rahul Gandhi is a Pappu just because of lack of knowledge and mistakes in speech. Rahul Gandhi is a physician from India. He belongs to the Congress 


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Where does Pappu go to him even from the expression of some of Gandhi's eyes?

Rahul Gandhi has forgotten their words and mistaken. 

Rahul Gandhi is a congress president. He took everyone in the Lok Sabha by surprise when he went and hugged Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

First of all, one thing to say, Rahul Gandhi is why people call Pappu. Rahul Gandhi Was in a speech and said that i will make a machine in which put potatoes on one side and Gold on the other side. That was a very funny speech by Rahul Gandhi.

How can possible you put potatoes in the machine and get Gold?

The speech is very viral on social sites and another platform. That's why people say that Rahul Gandhi is a Pappu. 

There is a lot of points that show why people say Rahul Gandhi Pappu. - 

  1. RaGa's back in focus

Rahul Gandhi said that there are 546 seats in the Lok Sabha, adding yet one more blunder to his already famous list of embarrassing gaffes.

2. Confused between 'Bhrashtachar' and 'balatkaar

Rahul Gandhi mixed up the two Hindi words while addressing a women's rally in Madhya Pradesh as he tried to refer to the increasing number of violence against women in the BJP-ruled Indian state.

3 . Aalu ki factory

Talking to people in Firozabad, Rahul said: "You all are demanding a potato factory in your area, but you should understand I am an opposition leader. I cannot open a potato factory". A slip of tongue, abound in almost all of his speeches, landed him in trouble here as what he meant to say was the factory of potato chips and not 'potato factory'.

4. Dropping the other Gandhi

While slamming the NDA government for criticizing Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Gurantee Act (MNREGA) scheme in Parliament, Rahul called it just NREGA, removing Mahatama Gandhi's name. While Rahul fumbled and corrected his statement, some members of the Treasury benches shouted, "Bhool Gaya, bhool gaya."

5. Staying foolish

Addressing the students at Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies in Mumbai, Rahul said, "One day you're going to run this country, run the institutions, you will be the Steve Jobs in the Microsofts and the leaders…the Facebooks of this country.”

That's why people say Rahul Gandhi is a Pappu. 


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