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In the course of public safety education, we need to make up for both adults and children. Just take the elevator, how to deal with it if you encounter an elevator failure? Next, Elevator Manufacturer share four key points of elevator accident emergency:

1. The “sleepy person” in the elevator is actually the state of safety protection under the failure of the elevator. As long as the trapped person waits patiently for rescue, there is generally no danger. Do not open the elevator door by yourself or climb the safety window to avoid accidents.

2. When the elevator speed suddenly increases or loses control, the legs should be slightly bent and the upper body should be tilted forward to reduce the impact of the elevator falling.

3. In the trapped elevator, keep calm, immediately contact the management staff with the alarm bell, walkie-talkie or telephone in the elevator, waiting for external rescue. If the alarm is not valid, you can make a loud call or intermittently tap the elevator door.

4. When the elevator in operation is flooded, the elevator should be opened to the top floor and the maintenance personnel should be notified. If there is a fire on the way to the elevator, stop the elevator on the nearest floor and quickly use the stairs to escape.

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