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1,4,3 stands for I LOVE. I mean the meaning of 1,4,3 is I LOVE YOU.

25,5,19  stands for YES just because Y comes at the number 25, E comes at the number 5 and S comes at number 19 .





A boy says 1,43, to a girl and a Girl replied YES ( 25,5,19)
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You are right. 

1,4,3 stands for the I love you if 

1=I (one alphabet)

4=Love (4 alphabets)

3=You (3 Alphabets  ) 

The meaning of the 25,5,19 is really different. It has different logic.


25 for Y 

5 for E 

19 for S 

The code 25,5,19 indicates the number of alphabets and the code 1,4,3 indicates the size of the word

25,5,19 code 

25 for Y ( Y comes at 25 number )

5 for E ( E comes at 5 number )

19 for S ( S comes at 19  number )

A girl or boy saying YES. 

If we want to create a code for NO then - 

N - 14 

O -15

N comes at the number 14 and O alphabet comes at the number 15.

A Boy or Girl can say 1,4,3. 

A boy or Girl can reply 25,4,19 or 14,15, 

1,4,3= I LOVE YOU 

25,4,19 = YES 

14,15= NO 


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Really interesting question and answer.


25- for Y alphabet.

5- for E alphabet.

19- for S alphabet.

25,5,19  means YES.

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