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China Polishing Machine needs to take precautions and avoid accidents when using it. It is not allowed to enter the scene at the polishing site. It is necessary to start ventilation before opening work and need to open the window. Circulating. When polishing, the staff needs to wear protective equipment correctly. They need to wear thermal protective clothing, dust masks, poison masks, and fire-retardant gloves.

You can't smoke, laugh, or fight in the workplace. After working contact, you need to use a disinfectant to wash your hands or take a shower. It is also necessary to follow the procedures for the operation of heat treatment safety technology. It is also necessary to carry out inspections as required on time.

It should be noted that the equipment can not be polished on the wooden floor, and the slope of the ground should not exceed 2%. The equipment should not be littered during use and no wear and tear can occur. It is also necessary to check the wiring of the wires and the fact that the wires are not bent. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the equipment is required.

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