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Today we will take a look at the technical principles of the Wheel Polishing Machine .

They can be used for polishing different leather products and different processes. The guide angle and groove size of the spiral groove on the polishing roller are specially designed to facilitate the polishing of the motorcycle while the leather is stretched during the high-speed rotation of the roller. The scraping dust and dust along the spiral flow along the spiral groove The wsm-03 high-speed polishing machine is discharged from both ends of the roller, and at the same time, the heat dissipation performance of the polishing roller is improved, the polishing force is reduced, and the continuous polishing time of the roller is prolonged. 

The feeding roller device is on the swing frame, and is controlled by the foot pedal to be close to the polishing roller, so that the adjusting swinging frame can adjust the gap between the feeding roller and the working roller, and the brush roller under the polishing roller is used to prevent the twisting work roller from turning. Same as the steering roller. The vacuum system forms a dust suction chamber by the protective cover of the work roll and the dust suction air passage in the fuselage, and the induced draft fan discharges the dust through the air duct. At the outset of the inner tube, the air volume is adjusted by the shutter, the dust is discharged into the dust filter device, and a safety baffle is arranged in front of the work roll guard. 

When the hand collides, the feed roller returns to the non-working position, the host stops working and can be restored after restarting. normal work.

The three-dimensional vibration strengthening polishing process is a combination of vibration cutting polishing and shot peening processing. During the machining process, the vibration is generated by the electric vibration exciter, causing a certain amplitude and vibration between the grinding medium and the machined part, causing irregular collision between the strengthening medium and the workpiece in three dimensions, polishing liquid and abrasive and part surface.

 Scratch to achieve enhanced polishing. The vibration polishing process is actually a mechanical calendering process. In this process, the workpiece, the abrasive and the brightener form a system, and the abrasive of the polishing machine obtains energy against the surface of the workpiece by the vibration of the high-frequency bottom spoke of the vibrating groove, thereby generating Micro-plastic deformation, which reduces the surface roughness. The brightener acts on the surface of the workpiece, which can quickly remove the oil stains and impurities on the surface of the workpiece to achieve a brightening effect, thereby improving the calendering quality. When working in the vibration system, the brightener has a strong cleaning effect, which can quickly remove some insoluble oil and impurities from the workpiece and the abrasive surface.

information about wheel polishing machine : https://www.zhongyun-machine.com/product/wheel-polishing-machine/

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