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My sister is searching for technical college near Thanabhawan, Uttar Pradesh and Jalalabad Uttarpradesh in Shamli. Which type of Alpine college of education, technical courses are also available or not available in this college. Alpine is a very popular college, which is very famous in Thanabhawan and Jalalabad area, but I don't know that the technical courses are also available in the college. I am talking about college which is located on Saharanpur Road from Shamli. If someone has good information about Alpine College of Education, Saharanpur Road, Jalalabad, Shamli, Muzaffarnagar, then please give your opinions.

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Hello Priya, I am going to share the valuable information about Alpine college of education Jalalabad, Shamli, Muzaffarnagar. 

Alpine college of education,jalalabad,Shamli


Alpine college of education is a technical college located on Saharanpur Raod, Jalalabad near Thanabhawan, Uttar Pradesh. There is BCA and MCA technical courses are available now. Technical college should be better in practice and for placement. 

Alpine college of education ,jalalabad, thanabhawan ,shamli,muzaffarnagar

I have completed BCA from Alpine College of education, Jalalabad. As you know, BCA is a technical course that is related to computer technology. I  had a lot to learn from the Alpine College of Education, Thanabhawan. I received a lot of potentiality in this college. Your first question was that alpine college is a technical college or not. 

 There are 2 courses BCA and MCA available in this college.

Let's talk about college. The environment of college is so good. The staff that was the first was the best, after which the staff changed slowly. Even now the staff is good and a lot can be learned.

Alpine college of education, jalalabad ,shamli  canteen ,field

Alpine College of Education, Jalalabad has affiliated to CCS University

. The full form of CCS is Choudhary Charan Singh University.

Choudhary Charan Singh University is located in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. 

College Name- Alpine college of education, Jalalabad (Near ThanaBhawan), Shamli, Muzaffarnagar

Technical College- Yes 

Technical Courses - BCA, MCA.

Alpine college All courses- BBA,BCA,B.COM,BA,BSC,BTC,MBA,MCA.

University Name -  Choudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut 

Technology Interest - Computer Technology 

Alpine college of education, Jalalabad official website -www.alpinecollege.in/

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When we can apply in Alpine college of education for BCA course and what to do to apply.
Please elaborate.
You have to register first. You can registration in Alpine college.
Follow the steps-
1. Go to Alpine college of education, Jalalabad.  
2. Visit the principal office. You can ask someone for the principal office
3. Ask for BCA course and registration.
 4. You will get a registration form from Alpine college principal.
5. Fill the required details.
6. Pay registration fees.
Alpine college of education starts the classes in August for BCA.
Ask for the class date.
You should visit the Alpine college of education college for registration purpose.
If you any other issue, you can use the below details -

Alpine college of education address and contact details -
Shamli - Saharanpur Highway, Jalalabad
Phone No. : 01392 - 252348
Email Id: [email protected]
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Alpine college of education ,Jalalabad

Yes, Alpine college of education, Jalalabad offering technical courses.

1. BCA (Regular) 

2. MCA(Private) (The current time)

As I have researched about Apline college of education, Jalalabad, shamli, so I got that this is a familiar college with better courses and well managed.  Alpine college is developed in 2011. First of all, Alpine college started with BBA course after that included the technical courses. 

Alpine college of education is located on Shamli to Saharanpur road in Jalalabad near ThanaBhawan Town.

This is a wonderful college in this area. Alpine is only one of college available near ThanaBhwan and Jalalabad area with technical courses.  Alpine college of education is affilited to CCS University Meerut, Uttar Pradesh.

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Thanks for sharing about Alpine college.
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Here I am going to write a review on Alpine college of education, Jalalabad. The college is known as the alpine college of education, Thanabhawan, Shamli.  This is a wonderful college in Shamli area.  Alpine college is a technical and educational college. There are a lot of courses available now with technical courses. Alpine college is managing a good environment. Alpine college of education is located on Shamli to Saharanpur road. 

Alpine college near about the Jalalabad and distance from the ThanaBhawan is approx 2 KM.

Alpine international school is also available there. Alpine international school is also available inside the alpine college gate. At the visiting college, you can see the Alpine international school and after that comes Alpine college of education for professionals and educationals. Alpine college of education is affiliated to CCS University, Meerut, UP. 

Well if you are you going for technical college so It is perfect college in ThanaBhawan and Jalalabad, Shamli, Uttarpradesh. 



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Thank you, Sunny. My sister is going to join the alpine college.
Can you tell me about the study and technical computer lab?
The computer lab is also available in Alpine college of education.