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I am very much Willingness that  who will win in 2019,  Narendra Modi or Rahul Gandhi. Can you please share your answer.
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I think you have to wait. It depends on our country peoples. which will the best PM of the country, Narendra Modi or Rahul? It decided after the vote. I think Narendra Modi doing well this time. One of the best decision by PM Narendra Modi is note baned. The note baned is the strategy to know the black money. I saw on the news some persons were found the 500 and 1000 note in the canal.

Black money out from the INDIA. ..

the second best decision by PM Narendra Modi is Swacch Bharat Abhiyan . In the present time if someone throwing the bottle or etc polyethylene they are thinking about the

swacch Abhiyan .

Best Abhiyan by Our PM NARENDRA MODI JI 2019.

PM Modi launches the scheme to provide free LPG connections to poor ...

This is the think by our PM Narendra Modi. 

It is very successful to provide the LPG gas connections to the All poor.

Rs 8,000 crore scheme to provide 5 crores free LPG connections to poor families as he attacked previous governments for just paying lip service to reduce poverty 

  PM Aawash If you do not have your own home and you are planning to take your home then the Prime Minister's housing plan is a better option for youyojna . Under this yojna .

Toilet Yojna

Our PM working on the Toilet yojna that comes under the Swacch bharat Abhiyan. 

These are the most thinks that related to our PM Narendra Modi . 

Our PM is doing well. 

I think Narendra Modi one of the best Prime minister for our country in 2019. 

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Your thinking is much Creditable.Narendra Modi has done all of these that you have mentioned in your answer. You have mentioned that wait for this. Yes, we have to wait for this but I think our PM Modi is doing well. There are a lot of peoples who know about that but many want Rahul Gandhi. I think we have to wait for this.
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I really appreciate Modi Ji works for our country India. Modi Ji is doing best for our country and make the nation. I really want to appraise Modi Ji for the Note baned, Swacch Abhiyan, LPG distribution, Make the Country digital, Making toilet under the swachh Abhiyan.The BJP is one of the best party that doing well but there is some topic in which BJP has failed to complete.

1  Reservation - 

Why the government has given the reservation for SC/ST, not for the general. This is the biggest fact that I am going to share here. Reservation should be for all. That is the biggest point that creates the distance in casts. Why general peoples are not getting the job because of fewer marks but the other gets the job in fewer marks. That is no really well to make the nation . Modi government has failed in the Reservation system.

You need to create a reservation according to talent, according to capabilities.

2.Farmers - 

GST is not well for our country farmers families or for all small shoppers(businessman), Our government doesn't help for farmers. Why you are not doing for farmers just because of farmers work for the country in sunlight and you have applied the GST on farmers. That is not well. 

Kindly remove this GST for farmers or small businessman. Otherwise, MODI government working well. 

Remove the reservation or Same for all casts.

Think about the farmers. Remove the GST on farmers families and small businessman 

If the MODI government can do these two thinks then  BJP will get the win in 2019. 


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