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I have an issue regarding Google Pay App. I am not getting PNB bank OTP for Google pay Application. I tried to add my bank account of PNB in Google pay but it isn't able to send me OTP no. I am tried many times but did not receive OTP from Punjab national bank. Is there any solution to fix it?
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2 Answers

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If you are trying to get OTP from PNB bank then you should confirm these points below.

1. Google pay should be in the latest version. If the version is not updated then first update your Google pay app.

2. Check your registered mobile number registered with PNB (Punjab National Bank ) bank.

3. PNB Bank can take several times because this is a very busy schedule. May be server busy or connection weak. Try after 24 hrs.

4. Check your mobile number balance for upcoming messages. You should have an active incoming plan on your mobile number.

I hope, these points will be helpful.

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If you are not getting OTP from PNB bank, then maybe bank servers are busy or lost. I know Punjab National bank is one of the best bank. First of all update your Google pay application and try again. If you do not get any OTP from PNB bank after Google pay updated then try after some time. 

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