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This is regarding to my paytm account . If I delete my paytm account but, before deleting my account I have changed my kyc then kyc will dismissed or not?
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1 Answer

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You cannot delete Paytm account by self because there is nothing option for delete account by users . You have to contact Paytm support team and request for delete account . Paytm team will contact you by message or email .

If you have changed your kyc and want to delete your account then kyc will be deleted from that number .

You can create new Paytm account  after Paytm account deleted .

They will free your Paytm kyc from your number .

You do not need to do nothing .

How to delete Paytm account ?

1. Go to paytm application

2. Click on 24/7 help support

3 . Choose your account delete option

4 . Message them to delete your Paytm account .

5 . They will delete your Paytm account and free your kyc .
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