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I want to know how to remove Powered by Question2Answer it is not found in q theme base. Please give me answer.
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2 Answers

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As you know that he Question 2 answer is another CMS for QA forums like Wordpress . You get source files and an admin panel. You cannot change Powered by Question2Answer  from the admin panel .  

How to change Powered by Question2Answer ? 

Go to qa-theme-base.php and edit with any notepad .  Search Question2Answer or Powered  using CTR F . Change the text and URL also you can find function html() to edit. 

You will be abling to change credits in base file . 

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Question2Answer developed on PHP with a lot of functionality in which we can change everything by using code. 

If you want to remove Question2Answer credits then you should check two files. 

How to remove Question2Answer footer credits? 

1. Go to your Question2Answer QA forum source file. 

2. First of all, check your theme. 

3. Go to the qa-theme folder. 

4. Now select your theme folder and open 

5. You will get a file qa-theme.php,  Edit this file using a text editor. 

Search for credits.  Find the Question2Answer or Search by these keywords, copyright, powered by, Question2Answer, etc. Change Question2Answer to your website title and URL.  

You can check in public function attribution() .  

After changed footer credits, do not forget to save file qa-theme.php. 

Now, we are going to change a Question2Answer theme base file . 

1. Go back in qa folder. 

2. Now, open qa-include folder and find qa-theme-base.php

3. Find the credits and change according to your need. 

In this way, you can change credits from Question2Answer source files. 

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