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Hey Community memebers !
It's rachit here a new member.
I want to ask that how can i make a custom payment form for my customers and it also integrates with my email too.
Demo workflow-
If anyone pay through form
if the payment is done - sent a confirmation email to that client
If the payment got fail - sent an email notification to the admin and customer too.
SO how to impement this workflow.
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Payumoney is another payment gateway that is used to collect payments from customers. Lots of e-commerce websites are using Payumoney. If you want to create your own payment form with Payumoney in PHP programming then you should have knowledge about PHP, HTML, and CSS. Payumoney is developed many PHP kits for payment form and ecommerce website. As you mentioned above.  

All you need to implement -

1. Payment form using Payumoney gateway. 

2. If someone pays with payment form he receives notification from your website. 

3. If someone cancels payment then the admin receives failed transaction mail from Payumoney.  

This is developed here - 

Payment form

Payumoney payment gateway form in PHP  

If you are a learner or developer of PHP programming you can use the above scripts. If you want to create a manual from your side. 

Then, You can create a Payumoney payment form using PHP scripts.  

Payumoney is developed many PHP kits. You can use any Payumoney PHP kit. 

How to use PHP kits and create a Payumoney payment form?

1. First of all download the PHP scripts from the links below. 



2. You will get a payment form from in Payumoney PHP kit . 

3. Change the amount, prodcutnfo , success url(surl) , failed url(furl), and your Payumoney merchant key and salt. 

How to get the Payumoney merchant key and salt? 

4. Set all the parameters and click on the pay button. 

5. Set the Payumoney payment form on the test mode URL.  

6. You will get a success.php file in the Payumoney PHP kit. In this PHP file, you can insert data into the database . When data is inserted successfully then use the PHP mail() function to send a notification to the payer (client )  

7. If the Payumoney payment fails then admin will receive a failed email from Payumoney  

In this way, you can create a Payumoney payment from email.If you have any question, you can comment  or ask new question . 

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