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I created a website and I want to index my website in google. Which is the better resource to index my website on Google search engine?
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Index website page in Google search engine. ( Website or Blog  indexing ) 

 To index any website, you have to submit a website's Sitemap to Google.

Index the website -

Why are websites needed to index?

Indexes the website so that the website's page is available in the Google search result.

That is also the most important traffic for the website.

1. To increase website traffic you have to index your website in Google search result,

2. If you want to increase your business you have to index your website page.

Index websites or blogs in Google.

For more traffic on a website or blog, the website has to be submitted to Google.

1. To index Websites or Blogs, you have to create the sitemap ( A XML file )

Sitemap - Sitemap is an XML file containing all URLs of a website or blog. Every time visitors search on Google, Google robots take a link from Sitemap and show the link in the search result.

2. If you are using WordPress, you can create a Sitemap by using any Sitemap plugin. The WordPress sitemap plugin will continue to link your
websitepage .

3. After creating a Sitemap, you have to submit the Sitemap URL to Google Webmaster.

4. Website Sitemap URLs need to be submitted by google webmaster tools.

In this way, you can easily index the website and visible in Google search engine.

After indexing the website, you can also keep the website monitoring from the Webmaster Tools.

Submit website and Get indexed - Complete process.


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