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I am still a single girl but I am going to marry soon. So I want to know what happens to the first night. If arrange marriage, then what happens on honeymoon 's first night and if love marriage, then what happens on the honeymoon's first night.

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Hello Priya!

Today I will be share my first-night fact. On the first night of the honeymoon, everyone's life brings a great significance. Everyone is waiting for the first night after marriage and before marriage.

Happens in first night of honeymoon - decoration

 The importance of the first night in our life.

The first night is the night in which the husband and wife do everything for each other, There is nothing hidden between wife and husband. If your marriage is arranged marriage, then you will get a lot of life reality on the first night. The first night means you and your husband share all of think and fall in love with each other. The first night of honeymoon is the most memorable night of everyone's life.No one ever forgets the First Night. 

Love Merriage -

Even if your marriage is love marriage then, you will get everything on the first night .. On this night you will realize that you have found your love. You know that everyone waits for the first night before marriage.  Whether it is a boy or a girl, everybody waits for the first night of the honeymoon.

Honeymoon First Night - 

My marriage took place 2 years ago today. Just like everybody wants the first night, I liked the first night too. The first night is very important for everyone. It was also very important to me. Everyone wants different types of experiments for making the best night, who want to make the first night memorable. 

I also arrange the honeymoon night to make it memorable. I got married 2 years ago after the wedding, well decorated my room. I did not know that what happens on the night, I had searched the Internet and kept a good decoration for my room.

Now I was just waiting for the night when I became my first night.

If you have to wait a lot for the first Night, then you go to get the special night, in which the husband's wife meets in every other.

Someone told me that on the first night should give a gift to your wife at night, after that I went to the market and picked a gift, returning from the market, I returned to the night. This was the first night of my honeymoon.

As soon as I went inside the room and I locked the gate. Because it is personal, it should not be interfering with the people of the house. That's why I closed the gate. My wife was sitting on a bed. 

I went near her and started talking. Whatever you are attitude person but after  First Night will change your whole attitude in love. After that, I  started talking to my wife. After talking to the Wife, I helped him to come down to all the jewelry. To First Night, the girl has to be kept on a lot of jewelry. The next day you can wear some less gallery.

 After that, I started talking to my wife. On the first night also does not understand what you talk about. I asked everything from her and my wife also asked me everything about my life. because Life is started from this first night. Only after knowing about each other can you live well with each other.

 After the First Night, my life is very much attached to my wife. after that, I touched her. After marriage, you get permanent credit, you can touch your wife. After touching, I hugged my wife. After that, we both had very romance. 

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