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Hello, I'm Priya Sharma. After a few days, I am going to get married.

I just want to know how the husband becomes so unromantic after 6 months.

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Hello Priya. 

My name is Arnabi Saha. I am 24 years old. I would like to share something about my life in which you will know why husbands become unromantic after six months. Today my marriage has passed 1 year old. When the new marriage was done, the husband was very romantic, my husband loved me so much and also romance, but after 6 months he started getting unromantic. My husband has no time for me, now. My husband is no longer romantic Almost 6 to 7 months until my husband was romantic, but after, some time became unromantic. When I go to them, my husband makes excuses for the work. I do not know what to do. After 6 months, our figure is loosed, so why us husband become unromantic? In some cases would have done this, even if there is much more work on the head of the Husband, they still become unromantic.

Or there is a problem in the husband, so they become unromantic. but the husband can share a problem with me. My marriage took almost a year ago. Our marriage is a arrange marriage. Before marriage, we knew each other for 3 months.  even, we also fell in love with each other. Before marriage, we began to love each other very much. After that, Love began to feel like a love  Marriage. We did not feel like we were going to arrange marriage.

Husband unromantic after some time

After that, we got married.  Honeymoon First Night is the biggest day after marriage. Everyone starts their life from this first night,

When I had my first night, he gave me a rose and also gave a mobile which was quite good. The honeymoon first night is a memorable night for everyone. Nobody wants to forget this. Whether the boy or the girl wants to make special on the first night of the honeymoon.

We had a good night too, very romance swept away. Even after that, he becomes a romantic day by day. He loved me very much daily. I did not let such a thing happen that I left my home. I love him very much in But slowly when 6 months passed, then my figure also came in effect. That work also started to stay busy. Now there is no romance in our life. His way of love, the way of romance has now changed. Either due to my figure or the pressure of my work, today my husband become unromantic.

There are many great things about romance in our life, it remains lovely. But about 6 to 7 months of marriage or 1 year later, husbands start becoming unromantic. 

There can also be some problems with husband or we may also have some problems, so the husbands become unromantic.

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