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 There are certain fats like the healthy fats that our body require and those are very good for the healthy body as well, their chemical formulation is different and they help control the bad cholesterol level in the body. Some of the major foods that we are considered to be naturally good and healthy fats are mentioned below and these must be included in our diet plan:

1.            Nuts: Nuts are counted amongst the healthiest foods and healthy fats and they are a rich source of vitamins, minerals and of course unsaturated fatty acids, thus eating nuts help give you a boost of energy as well as reduces the oxidative stress and hypertension in the body. It also helps manage the weight of the person and fight cancer. Some of the major nuts that can be consumed are pistachio, walnut, almonds, pine nuts et cetera which are the healthy fats for the body.

How to Consume: You can take a palmful of these nuts or consume it with breakfast it will help provide energy full and give an instant boost to you.

2.            Avocados: Avocados are very good for the health and thus they are consumed in breakfast or a salad and in lunch as well. Avocados are a rich source of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids which is why they are called healthy fats. Avocados are high calories and are rich in potassium, Vitamin E and fiber. There is a wide range of health benefits related to the use of avocados, such as they help to prevent weight Fats are not considered very good for our body, although not every fat is the same, there are different gain, improves cardiovascular health and help in healthy aging of the person.

How to Consume: You consume avocados as salads or make smoothies of them, also you can eat with toast. Consumption of healthy fats like avocados will surely help getting rid of hunger and improving your health.

3.            Whole Eggs: we are advised to consume an egg daily in order to maintain a healthy life, and especially because these whole eggs (i.e. the egg and yolk) are a rich source of water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins. If we see separately the egg white and yolk both have separate beneficiary properties for the body. Egg white provides protein to the body and yolk strengthens the bones and reduces the oxidative stress of the body. Along with this whole egg also helps fight cancer, helps in brain development and is a good fat for the body. They are thus called healthy fats.

How to Consume: you can consume 3 whole eggs per week with salads, curries, sandwiches, baked food or simply boiled, poached or fried. Consumption of healthy fats like whole eggs helps to get rid of the various health issues in the body.

4.            Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Olive oil has so many benefits for the skin hair and health of the person and not just that it is also considered to be one of the good healthy fats for the body. Olive can be used for multiple purposes like cooking, an application on hair, skin because of its various benefits for the complete body. Along with being healthy fat for the body Olive oil is also considered to be the great source of antioxidants. It helps in the reduction of inflammation and heart diseases in the body. Thus olive oil is one of the best healthy fats for the body.

How to consume: You can add the healthy fats to your salad or you can make use of this amazing oil to cook your food.

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First of all, you have to check that your body needs more food than if your body has more weight, or if you make your body strong, then your food should be filled with health and vitamins. 

First of all, talk about which food is not well for our body. 

Do not eat any kind of food to stay healthy

Fried food -If you are a bodybuilder then you should not eat fried food. Fried food can spoil your digestive system. That's why you do not have fried food.

Alcohol with eating  -If you want to stay healthy then you have to leave alcohol completely. You will have a good story. 

Time to eat -You should eat healthy food at your own time. By eating time your hormones do not decrease.

Let's talk about healthy and vitamin foods. 

1. Gram - Let's talk about what you have to eat the morning. At first, you should eat gram in the morning. Gram also gives many vitamins to our digestive system.  A gram should be eaten at evening time.

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.2. Eating Banana  - If you have made a good healthy, then you should have done it regularly.

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3. Soybean seeds  -You can fount most of the protein under the soybean. You need to put soybeans seeds under the water at night and eat at the morning time. 

Image result for soyabean in water

4. Milk- Regularly dring more milk at night. 

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Note - By eating these things, you can properly make a healthy body. But if you eat a chemical then it will not be suitable for you please use natural things more.

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