How to install Wordpress on Local server | Setup wordpress on Xamp and Wamp .

Wordpress is an open source content management system with the help of which you can design and develop any kind of website.

Installing WordPress is a very easy task. You can install WordPress on Local Host or Global Host .

Step 1 -

First you have to install local host xampp or wamp on your computer. You can install any one -
How to xampp server download and install-Click here

How to wamp server download and install-Click here

Step 2-

After installing the local server, you have to download WordPress. .

To download WordPress, click on the following link and download it .

Wordpress download and install

Step 3-

WordPress zip file. Go to the folder htdocs and extract here the wordpress zip
For xampp server path to extract wordpress zip file-  C:\xampp\htdocs
For wamp server path to extract wordpress zip file-  C:\wamp\www

wordpress install on localhost

Step4 -

First you have to install local host xampp or wamp on your computer.
Now you have to go to your local host control panel and start Apache and MySQL. Now go to your browser and type http://localhost/phpmyadmin. You see the phpmyadmin page.

Now create a database for wordpress-
Database Name- Wordpress.

install wordpress on xampp


After creating the database you have to visit URL http://localhost/wordpress
And choose the language that you like.

how to install wordpress on localhost


These step is very important for you, so fill up the details clearly .
Database Name - WordPress


Password - Password Must Be Null (Removed default password)

Database Host - localhost (No Need to Change)

Table prefix - wp_ (no need to change)

 wordpress on localhost

Step7 -

In this step, you need to fill up, username, password, and email id for your website.

Site Title -Your website Title

Username -Set a Login Username -

Password - Set password

Your Email - Fill up your email address.

Now you have to click on the Install button.

 wordpress on localhost

Step8 -

Now you can log in with your password and username. This type of way you can easily install WordPress on a local host.

 installation of wordpress on localhost