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What is Wordpress Plugin

The plugin works as an application. Plugins are an open source application that allows you to do different types of work. You do not have to code for any work. If you are using the plugin then you do not need any coding.

For an example if you want to sell a kind of products on WordPress web, you can do it by a plugin name is Woocommerce. Some other examples of the plugin -
1 for hotel booking room you can use a plugin gHotel bookingh, that allows you to maintain room availability and price. Any user can book any suitable room.

2. for online learning project you can use LMS plugin.
By the LMS plugin , you can easily add an online chapter of course and videos, and any user can read your course by purchasing, and you can easily earn such income.

3. To generate an online ticket, the plugins can be called Open Tech community.
Just like you can do every kind of work with the help of various plugins plugins

The WordPress plugin can be installed in 2 ways.
Either you can install through search internally. Or you can download the plugin externally and then upload it to WordPress and install it.

Let's talk about how to install the plugin.

Step 1 -

First log in to your admin panel.

install wordpress plugin

Step 2-

After logging in, you will come to Dashboard of WordPress. Now you have to click on the plugins from the side menu bar.

install plugin on wordpress

Step 3-

In this step, you have to do nothing to just click on Add New.

add new plugin on wordpress

Step4 -

This step is important for you. In this step, you can search any kind of plugin. All you can do is just search through the name of the plugin and configure it,

wordpress plugin istallation and configuration


If you want to install the plugin externally then you can easily flip it. To install the External plugin, first, you have to download the plugin. You can install any kind of plugin from here. To download all plugins, Click here


you have to go to the plugins and then click on add new .

 wordpress plugin installation

Step7 -

Now you have to browse the plugin's downloaded zip file.

 wordpress plugin install

Step8 -

In this you need to click on install now button . Just a few seconds will install your plugin.

 Install wordpress from external source

If you do not know how to install and configure the plugin then, Click here