Introduction to wordpress

WordPress is an open source content management system. Through WordPress, we can design and develop any type of website . We also know WordPress as CMS . The full form of CMS is content management system.

In simple words, we can say that if we want to create a website on WordPress, then you do not need to code knowledge.

On the WordPress, you have to use plugins and themes to make all kinds of websites. Let's learn about plugin and themes -

What is plugin ?

Plugins are a kind of inbuilt application that helps you in various task perform. You need to download and install only, then you can manage the plugin according to your need. Itf s also open source.

There are different plugins for different jobs. For example, if you want to create an e-commerce website then you will need an e-commerce plugin. And if you want to build a website for the hotel then you will need a hotel booking plugin.
You can also call the plugin set of instruction that helps you in various task perform.

What is Theme in Wordpress ?

If you have already done HTML language, then it's not difficult to understand the theme. Themes are sort of like a template, but themes and templates are different. The only theme is that the themes are complete dynamic whereas the templates are static.

The theme is inbuilt for the various business purpose. The theme has to be installed as a plugin too.

Wordpress is developed on PHP language with which we can design and develop any kind of website. If you use WordPress, then you have to save a lot of time.

Even if you do not have knowledge of code, you can easily learn WordPress.

Which type of website can be developed with Wordpress -

WordPress Provides Tools for Developing All Kinds of Web sites.
For example - 1.Hotel booking plugin and themes for Hotel's website.

2. You can find LMS Plugin to create LMS (Learning Management System) website. (also themes are available)

3. If you want to create an e-commerce website, then you can use ewoocommerce ' plugins for e-commerce. ( also themes are available )

4. Provide an online plugin for selling PDFs online.( also themes are available )

WordPress Blog -

With the help of Wordpress today's time you can create your own blog . A lot of people are earning money through the WordPress blog WordPress blog . The biggest blogs are also being made by WordPress. You can create any kind of blog with help of WordPress.

If you do not know about any kind of code to develop a website then you have used WordPress. With the help of WordPress, you can develop any kind of website in real time.