Login and registration system in PHP, MYSQL and bootstrap | Source Code

The login and registration system is created to secure the account area. A user can visit the account area after registration and login. We create login and registration forms using bootstrap. The login form is known as the sign-in form and the registration form is known as the signup form. You can download the complete source code for the login and registration system in PHP and MYSQL databases with bootstrap. In this system, we created many features. A user can log in, a User can visit my account page, a User can edit a profile, a user can change a password, user can forget the password. This is a complete sign-in and signup system in PHP and MYSQL. 

How to create a login and registration system in PHP, MYSQL, and bootstrap –

As you know, bootstrap is one of the famous framework that helps to create responsive websites. We create registration and login forms using bootstrap
1. First of all, create the user database table. 
2. Create a registration form because users can’t login without registration. 

Registration form in php and mysql

3. Use insert query and insert all the data into the database and display a message that your registration has been successful. 
4. Create a login form using bootstrap. 

Login for in PHP

5. Check the user in the database using PHP count and verify the password. 
6. Create my account page and display user-related data using the user session id. 

7. Create an edit page to edit user data with image upload and change by user session id. 
8. Make a password change page to change the password using PHP. 
9. Make a forgot password page and check whether the user is available or not in the database using PHP. If the user is available then send an email to the user's email id by PHP mail() function or PHPmailer(). 
10.   Create a reset password page to set a new password. 

How to download source code for login and registration system in PHP, bootstrap, and MYSQL – 

This is a very easy process. You can check in the right sidebar. Complete the process and get the download zip file. This is a complete login and registration system source code. After downloading the zip file, extract the zip file and import the database table from the database folder in the source. Before executing, kindly change the database name in the config file. 
You can easily edit the registration and login system source code.