How to create like and dislike system using PHP | Source code

The like and dislike system is a famous feature in PHP programming. As you know about Facebook or LinkedIn social websites. You can like and unlike any post on the Facebook website and also the same on the Linkedin website. Here, you can create a like and dislike system using PHP with an MYSQL database. We have created complete source code for the like and dislike system in PHP, AJAX, jQuery, and bootstrap with the MYSQL database. Ajax is used to perform operations without page refreshing and bootstrap is used to make responsive modules.

Like and dislike system in PHP and MYSQL

We have used the jQuery JavaScript library. We have created a login and registration form. A user can register and log in and like or dislike any post. Users can open posts on a single page. This is a complete like-and-dislike system in PHP with an MYSQL database. 

How to create a like and dislike system using PHP and MYSQL – 

Like and dislike systems cannot be created without using AJAX and jQuery. We follow these steps to create a like and unlike system that looks like Facebook and Linkedin website. 
1. First, create three MYSQL database tables. The first table is for user registration, the Second table is for user rating records, and the third table is for posts. 
2. Create a registration form with a username, email, and password. 
3. Create a login form. A user cannot like and dislike any post without login that’s why login and registration are more important features for the like and dislike system. 
4. Create an index page. Fetch all posts from the database and display them on the index page with like and dislike icons. We can use like and dislike png images or like and dislike icons using the font-awesome library. 
5. Now, create a JS file and create a function. When the like button clicks or when the dislike button clicks. Use the ajax() method to send the response to a PHP file. 
6. Create a PHP file to insert like and dislike ratings into the database with the user id. Now, you can like and unlike or dislike and un-dislike any post. 
7. Now, create a single post page with the post id in the URL.  Get the post id from the URL and fetch and display the related content with like and dislike icons. 

Like and dislike system in PHP and AJAX

Now, you can like and dislike posts from index pages or single post pages like Facebook and Linkedin. We have created a complete source code in a zip file. You can easily get it and download and use the like and dislike system for your project.