Subscribe system in PHP and AJAX | Source Code

The subscribe system is known as the newsletter system. The subscription system is used to receive user emails, and send post notifications via email. You can create a subscribe system in PHP, and AJAX with the MYSQL database. The newsletter features can be created in PHP programming with AJAX, jQuery, Bootstrap, and MYSQL database. Using this system, the user can become a subscriber of your website. First of all, the user enters the email in subscribe form text box and clicks on subscribe button. After that AJAX responds and executes the PHP file. First of all, we check whether an email already exists or not.

Subscription system in PHP and AJAX

If the email does not exist then insert the email in the MYSQL database table and send a confirmation email to the subscriber with a verification link and unsubscribe link. 
A user can verify email. We always send emails to all verified emails. In this system, we created an email-sending form from where the admin can send emails to all confirmed subscribers. 
This is the process of the newsletter. You can create subscribe and unsubscribe features with this source code. You will get the complete newsletter source code here in a zip file. 

Newsletter email subscription system in PHP

How to create a subscribe system in PHP and AJAX | Newsletter system in PHP 

As you know, we use AJAX to execute PHP files without page refresh. If you want to create a newsletter system then follow these steps – 
1. First of all, create an MYSQL database table – Columns – email, is_verified, and created date. 
2. Create a subscribe (newsletter) form using bootstrap. We use bootstrap to create a responsive newsletter form. 
3. Link bootstrap CDN link and jQuery CDN link inside the head tag. 
4. Create a javascript file to execute the AJAX code. 
5. Create another PHP file to insert and send a verification email to the subscriber and set PHP file the URL in the AJAX method. 
6. Create a verification PHP file to verify the email and unsubscribe the PHP file to update the email is_verified value to 0. You can delete subscriber email from the database using the delete query. 
7. Make an email sender form. We fetch all confirmed emails from the database and send emails. 
8. We created this source code with PHP PDO-prepared statements. This is a fully secured subscribe and unsubscribe system. 

Download Subscribe (Newsletter) system source code -

It's really easy to download source code for subscription systems in PHP. First of all, check the right sidebar and process. After the complete process, you can download the source code. You will get a zip file. Extract the zip file on your server. You can set your database connection credentials in the config file. Execute the code and enjoy. 

In this way, you can get complete source code and upload it on your server.