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As you know that torrent movies websites are banned in India. To download a torrent movie, you need the VPN.

 If you want to download movies from a free torrent website, you need the VPN application provider.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)VPN's help is able to download torrent movies by connecting another country ISP (Internet service provider)to your country.

Steps to download Torrent movies -

1. To download Torrent movies,  download the VPN application.

2. VPN apps that you can download from Google play store after that download torrent movies.

3. Downloading a VPN allows you to connect a VPN to another country where you can download the movie from the torrent website

4. To connect to a VPN, you can also open the torrent website on your browser and download free torrent movies 

5. Now you can download torrent movies easily.

In this way, you can download free torrent movies. 

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Download Torrent movies - 

It is not legal that you download torrent movies.if you want to see the movies then you can book the show but it is not the better way to watch the movies. 

If you want to download Torrent movies then follow the steps - 

1. First of all, you need to download VPN. 

VPN (Virtual Private Network ) 

There are lot VPNs available on the Google Play store. You can use any one VPN. 

2. Download the VPN from the Google Play store. 

3.  Now connect the VPN. 

4. Visit the torrent movies website on the browser. 

5. Now download the Torrent movies. 

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