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I am looking for a website directory list for my website link submission. I tried many Directory Submission Sites list for better SEO ranking. Now, I am here to get more high-quality backlinks for my website. I know it is very important to get backlinks from High DA website. I want to promote my website for business and blogging. This is a major point of view. Can I get backlinks from High DA FREE Directory Submission Sites?

I tried many free web submission website directory and got more SEO ranking.

I want more clarification about directory submission. Website Directory LIST for Link submission is my question that I am put here. Hope I will get best high DA website directory list for backlinks from here. 


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You are looking for the best free directory list for website link submission. I am going to share top free directory submission websites list with High DA. High DA stands for the High domain authority. As know you that website SEO is a more essential part of website ranking and traffic. The current time if your website is not getting better ranking in the search engine, your website will not get the domain authority. To get better DA  ( domain authority), you need to work on SEO. SEO is one of the techniques that help to the higher ranking. Website link submission is one of the best part of SEO. The current time, there is a lot of SEO expert to create their strategy to build high traffic. Everyone try many things to get better ranking for the website. In a simple life, you struggle for your goal. If you have the patience and skills, you achieve your goal. In SEO, you need to apply the same thing.  

You will get  free website submission directory list from here. It is not a simple part of SEO. 

To make the ranking of any website is a major part of the continuity of patience. If you have patience, you will get a better SEO rank for your website. Submit website URL link in every website submission directory but you should patient for that. 

If you’re struggling to increase your traffic, focus on SEO But it is NOT as easy as it sounds.

 You have to more research for it. Struggle for a lot of high-quality backlinks in order to generate more traffic on your website. 

If your website increases visitors then the website's ranking will increase if your website's ranking increases, then the domain authority of your website increases. Increasing the domain authority increases the ranking of your website. Let's back to the free directory submission websites list. You can link your, website in every web directory. I am talking about free website submission websites list, you have to link your website URL to all website directory list. If you want to generate quality backlinks, you need to submit your website links to the  High DA websites. 

Here’s where free directory submission websites (High DA with lowest Spam Score) 

What do you mean by website directory submissions? 

Website directory submissions mean that you are submitting your website information and URL links to a web directory. If you want to make better Quality Backlinks for your website, you have to submit your website link to all Website Directory LIST for Link submission.in simple language, we can say that it is the process of adding the website to the web directory. In the telephone directory, you can find any number by name. Just like that, you can find any business and information about the business.

Get Quality Backlinks -

Quality Backlinks mean that you are getting backlinks from a website whose domain authority is high. Domain Authority is known as DA. To find quality backlinks, you need Alexa SEO tool which lets you know the SEO Rankings of any website. If you want to promote the website, then you should create quality backlinks for your website. You need to research the best quality backlinks. Use some SEO tools, free or paid. 

List Of 40 High DA FREE Directory Submission Sites For Quality Backlinks 

  1. Entireweb Directory: DA 52
  2. Viesearch: DA 43
  3. SoMuch.com: DA 37
  4. Jayde.com: DA 40
  5. LinkCentre.com: DA 40
  6. IntelSeek.com: DA 22
  7. A1WebDirectory.org: DA 31
  8. InfoTiger.com: DA 30
  9. HighRankDirectory.com: DA 29
  10. Cipinet.com: DA 35
  11. SitesWebDirectory.com: DA 24
  12. 1WebsDirectory.com: DA 29
  13. OneMillionDirectory.com: DA 20
  14. Nonar Directory: DA 25
  15. MasterMoz.com: DA 29
  16. AceWebDirectory.com: DA 28
  17. DonDir.com: DA 29
  18. LinkRoo.com: DA 21
  19. PromoteBusinessDirectory.com: DA 25
  20. 9Sites.net: DA 30
  21. 1WebsDirectory.com: DA 29
  22. Bhanvad.com: DA 29
  23. eTaaps.org: DA 32
  24. WorldWeb-Directory.com: DA 24
  25. DirectoryCritic.com: DA 32 
  26. ironlinkdirectory.com
  27. entireweb.com
  28. cleversubmitter.com
  29. submitshop.com
  30. serfish.com
  31. submitx.com
  32. addme.com
  33. ree-web-submission.co.uk
  34. official.my
  35. postfreedirectory.com
  36. directoryvault.com
  37. tsection.com
  38. hweb4soft-free-seo-list.com
  39. pegasusdirectory.com
  40. activesearchresults.com
  41. yellowlinker.com

Submit website link and information on above free website submissions directories. 

You will get quality backlinks with top DA. 

What exactly is free web submission?

The free web submission stands for the free website link submit to another web directory. 

In simple word, we can say that if a website directory allowed free website link submission without any charges, that is known as free web submission. There are a lot of free web submission directories, which I have mentioned above.

 You can submit your website link for free. You do not need to pay any changes. These website directories are totally free. Choose a free plan and submit the website link. 

What is the importance of directory submission in website SEO

As you know, there is a lot of website running on the internet. If you want to promote or you can say that better SEO ranking on search engines, you have to do SEO. The directory submission plays an important role in SEO. 

To generate quality backlinks, you need to submit your website information and URL links to web submission directory. It helps increase your website DA (Domain Authority).

What is the purpose of the website directories list  

The website submission directories store the data and links of another site. Submission directory is another SEO business that helps to promote websites. The website submission directories are offering a free and paid plan. You can get anyone. 

What are the benefits of directory submission list 

The directory submission list helps to generate quality backlinks for your website. 

1. Increase your website SEO 

2. Increase website Ranking. 

3. More website traffic. 

4. Free submit URL

5.Free web submission. 

6.Do-follow backlinks. 

7. Increase DA (Domain Authority)

8. Promote your business.

Are these website submission directory lists help to get higher SEO ranking.  

The sites directory lists for Link website URL helps to rank higher if you have written quality content on your blog or business website. Content is the king. 

I want to suggest, you write quality content before off page SEO.  

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