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I am working on an eCommerce website. I want to integrate payumoney payment gateway into the eCommerce website. I can install payumoney payumoney payment gateway but I don't know, how to get the merchant id in payumoney?
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Merchant id in Payumoney:- 

You can Merchant id in paumoney after login the payumoney account. There two types of merchant id available  Merchant key, Merchant Salt. Merchant id is used to connect the payment gateway to your payumoney payment account. If you are going to integrate payumoney payment gateway in your website and want to get merchant id (Merchant key, Merchant Salt.)  then you have to create an account on payumoney payment gateway. 

How to get payment id in payumoney? 

1. First of all login your account on payumoney.com. 

2. After login the payubiz account you got a dashboard. On payubiz dashboard, you have to search a profile icon. 

Click on the icon and choose the profile. 

3. Now you do need to click on start integration. 

4. After clicking the start integration you will found the test and live detail. 

Payubiz test and live merchant key, merchant salt


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