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I want to learn Android Development. & I also understand Java programming so Why my teacher (training) is teaching me PHP programming (HTML, CSS) & then he said that next step you go towards Android Development. 

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First of all, think about the basic sense of programming development. The basic part will help you learn android and java programming. You should understand the basic programming language to go to learn any programming language. Java programming and android development are not a common development platform. You should prepare himself to get higher in development.  If you want to learn java and android then why are you learning PHP language? PHP is different from JAVA and android development. PHP is another platform that helps to develop web application only but the java and android help to develop android application also. You should start from the basic sense. 


To learn JAVA and Android development, follow the steps below. 

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1. First of all, start learning from C programming. Make a higher command in C programming. C programming is the base of all programming languages also java and android. Make a strong command in C programming. 

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2. C++ is  based on OOPS concept. All programming languages contain this valuable feature. You have to learn C++ after C programming.    The oops concept is used in every programming language. Make a deep command in C++ programming if you want to learn Android development and java programming. 

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3. After doing C and C++ programming, go towards Java programming. You do not need to learn PHP programming. In java programming, you will learn HTML also. HTML and CSS are used for the web view part. You can develop a website or android application after java is complete.

4. Android development is based on java. You should learn Java programming before android development. 

Follow the process and ask me another question. 


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You have mentioned in your description to learn java and android development but currently, you are learning PHP programming from your trainer. You should understand the difference between PHP and JAVA programming, android development. This is not a way to learn android or java after completing PHP programming. PHP programming is another platform to create a website only.  


Understand the basic syntaxes, structure of PHP and JAVA and compare. If you want to learn java and android, stop learning PHP and start to learn to JAVA.Java is used to APK development with android. In the beginning, you should complete basic languages like C, C++. 


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Why are you wasting your time learning PHP programming? 

Start to learn to JAVA programming. PHP syntaxes and codes are the difference from JAVA. JAVA programming is complex from PHP programming. Learn JAVA and android development. You have to ask this to your trainer who is teaching you and directing you. One of the best thinks the comparison between PHP and JAVA programming. An Android developer should have skills in JAVA. PHP differs from JAVA and android development.

 Start learning JAVA do not waste your time in PHP ( HTML and CSS). HTML and CSS is part of the web page. HTML and CSS are very simple to understand. You can complete HTML and CSS in a week. If you are best in C and C++, then jump to the JAVA programming and start to learn . 


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Hello  Osama, I am happy to reply to your answer.  Say to your trainer to start learning Java programming. Start learning core java and end with advanced java. The java programming will help in android apk development. JAVA completes after a long time 8 months to one year approximate for better development. PHP is a short-term part of programming. You can learn complete PHP in 3 to 4 months only. So don't waste your valuable time and get started to learn JAVA programming. 

I understand advance java i cover JDBC, i-report in java
osama 14 Sep 2019

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