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Hey! community. I am going to share my problem with you. The return policy option is not available on Flipkart products. I ordered a product on flipkart.com but the product  does not have a return policy. I want to return my money from Flipkart's side but there is a replacement option available. This is not fair. Flipkart should have a return policy. I don't like this product. I know Flipkart is one of the best online shopping portal , but they should have a return policy. Can you please tell me, why the return policy is not available on the Flipkart website?   I won't return my money to my bank account. 


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The return policy is decided by the business side. The policy option is not decided by Flipkart. The policy is decided by the vendor. Whenever you place the order, you should check the policies - 

1. Return and Refund policy. 

2. Replacement policy.

These policies are decided by the customer who sells own product on Flipkart.

You can check the return and replacement policy on Flipkart.  Let's understand with an example - If I want to buy Samsung Galaxy A50 (Blue, 64 GB)  (4 GB RAM) mobile phone on Flipkart and check the details. The replacement and return policy will be here - 



You should check the return or replacement policy first. There is 10 days replacement policy available. Click on the question mark or hover on it to see more details about the replacement and return policy on Flipkart. 



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This has happened to me. I had booked a table on the Flipkart website but the table was not delivered but a wall painting was delivered. I had to return my money but the replacement was written on it, so I could not get the money back but others could have changed. So before ordering on Flipkart, read the return, refund, and replacement policy thoroughly.


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Return, refund and replacement policies on Flipkart are very important. Therefore, whenever you buy a product, first of all, read the return, refund, and replacement policy well, then only should book the product on the Flipkart shopping website. The return, refund, and replacement policy are not decided by Flipkart. These are all decided by the seller.


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