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I am playing Border of Insanity 3D game on my system. Border of Insanity is a 3D survival game which is developed by Falco Software. There are a lot of zombies in this game. I want to pick up Jackie but I have tried many keys from the keyboard but did not get any result. I am unable to pick up Jackie ball and I can not move without picking Jackie. Can you tell me, how to pick up Jackie in Border of Insanity game? I am using PC and Windows 10. Please tell me, how to pick Jackie ball.

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I was playing this game and I was also worried about this issue. The border of the insanity game is one of the best Zombies game. You can not move before picking up Jackie. You can pick up Jackie using E. 

PICK UP Jackie -  E 

You can check other keys- 

Controls for Border of insanity game -

WASD or arrow keys to move

Left-click or ctrl to shoot

R to reload

E to pick-up item

Shift to sprint

Space bar to jump

Tab to open menu

This is stunning 3D graphics and objects that can give a realistic feeling. 

You can download border of insanity for Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8/10


You can download the border of insanity game and run on your PC. 

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Border of Insanity Game 


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