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Submit your website to Google. 

To get a website Google index,  submit your website to the google webmaster tool. You do not know, how to index a new website in google search results. Let's talk about how to submit a website sitemap or index a website on google.  

Why do we need to submit a website or blog to Google? 


If you want your website visible in Google search results, you have to index your website. 


Increase website traffic. 


The website or blog you submit to your website will have a website search engine that allows you to add more traffic to your blog or blog.

Isliye Google's website has been submitted.


To submit an index to the website of your website, you can submit your Sitemap.

Increase your website traffic by submitting your website to Google.  Your website will visible in google results and you got more traffic on your website. 


Create your website sitemap - 


 To create a website sitemap you have to visit the link and use the website URL. 


Create website sitemap



If you are using a WordPress blog then you can use the sitemap plugin that creates the sitemap automatically. 


Submit a Sitemap to Google -


For submitting your website to Google, you have to visit the link. 

Google webmaster tool

After visiting the link you will need to log in to your google account ( Use Gmail id and password). After the login, you will have to add the property  ( Your website URL) 


Add to Property -


To index a website or blog you have to add the property. 

Click on Add property option.


Fill the website or blog URL. 


Click here to continue.

Verify your ownership


In this step, you need to verify your website ownership. You are operating your website or not. 

If you click on the button below, you can verify your hosting username or password from your website. To get your website too easy, please upload your website sitemap (XML file) to your hosting main page. You are about to upload your website to its root folder.

Now click on the verify button and use your hosting id and password to very. After that, you need to upload sitemap XML file to website root folder. 



Google Webmaster tool (Dashboard) - Submit Sitemap


You can submit your Sitemap (XML file) to the website to be indexed.


1. Click on the Crawl


2. Now click on the sitemap. 

3. Kindly submit a sitemap  URL of your website site. Suppose your website URL id www.technosmater.com and you have uploaded your sitemap in a root folder. Your website sitemap URL will be like this. www.technosmater.com/sitemap.xml 


Click here to submit a website sitemap. 


Submit sitemap to google


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