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I am working on Wordpress. I want to create website like tutorialspoint or studytonight using Wordpress. Is there any wordpress theme available like  tutorialspoint or studytonight .I want to create educational website . I didn't found any wordpress theme or any tutorial that how to create website like tutorialspoint or studytonight ?

Is there any way to create learning website like  tutorialspoint or studytonight?
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2 Answers

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These websites (Tutorialspoint and studytonight) are not using Wordpress CMS . They used custom codes to developed and designed websites like tutorialspoint and studytonight. If you want to develop website like Tutorialspoint and Studytonight on wordpress then it's not possible and not a better idea to do that. You should create websites like Tutorialspoint and studytonight using PHP programming from the scratch. 

Tutorialspoint and studytonight are learning websites . They post educational content . The structure of Tutorialspoint and studytonight are created by custom codes . If you are looking wordpress theme like Tutorialspoint and studytonight then , there is nothing but don't worry , I have better solution for that . 

I was searching for website like Tutorialspoint and studytonight and found best custom blog application in PHP and MYSQL . The blog system is a modern blog system for educational websites like tutorialspoint or studytonight etc websites . 

The best part of this blog system is that you can use it without any coding skills or without any coding like a Wordpress website . This is another system without any third party interaction .This is a best way to create website for educational or you can say learning purpose website without any coding . 

How to create website like tutorialspoint or studytonight ? 

If you want to launch your learning website like tutorialspoint and studytonight then you should check details . 

Tutorialspoint and studytonight are using three column structure (3 columns structure ).  

This blog system is also developed with 3 columns structure . The blog system name is TS Blog .


 You can easily install on your server and use it . 

As you know that tutorialspoint and studytonight are using code snippets that helps to show and highlights codes within a post . 

The TS blog system gives you a feature to put code and highlight languages code like tutorialspoint and studytonight . 

Code snippets in PHP blog

Code snippets in PHP blog 2

This is complete responsive lightweight blog system with three columns like tutorialspiont and studytonight. 

You can check more features details and demo here - 

Modern blog CMS in PHP with MYSQL database | PHP blog scripts

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It's amazing learning system . Thanks for your answer.
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These websites are developed using PHP programming without any CMS like - WordPress. If you want to develop learning website like tutorialspoint.com or studytonight.com then you should have complete knowledge of PHP and MYSQL database . 

You can use another programming language to develop website like tutorialspoint  or studytonight. It's really hard to design and develop website on wordPress in three columns. The best way to learn PHP programming or you can use TS blog system to develop website without any coding . It's developed for programmers and bloggers .  

The TS blog system is another portal in three column structure with many other features . 

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