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An eCommerce system helps you sell products online and receive payments for your products. We developed an eCommerce platform in PHP and MYSQL where you can sell your digital products online. The platform is used to create products, categories, theme color change, general settings, user registration, and payment management. The eCommerce system is created on PHP programming with an MYSQL database. This eCommerce web application supports all currencies. The currency changer helps to change currency codes and currency symbols. You can set any currency code and symbol anytime from the Admin panel. We have designed the Admin panel and theme for a better interface. This eCommerce system is written in PHP so you don’t need to do any code. It’s an open-source eCommerce platform. You can sell your digital products like – Sell your PDF ebooks, sell your softwares, sell images and graphics, sell themes and plugins, sell games, sell PDF, PSD, ZIP, DOCX, EXE, etc online on the digital e-commerce platform. An online shopping website is really important for all of your business's digital products. If you want to sell your book online and want to earn money from the buyer then you can use this eCommerce software on a PHP website and sell your digital products. 
If you are a photographer or a graphic designer and your work offline then why do you waste your time just install an e-commerce system on your website domain and sell your graphics, images like – PNG, JPG, PSD, GIF, ICON online and earn money.  If you are a developer like a game developer, web application developer, or any digital goods developer then you can sell your software, games, ebooks, scripts full of details and earn money. This eCommerce system is developed on PHP programming and the MYSQL databases. If you do not have any hosting, you can get any hosting with the domain. You can install it on your server and sell digital products (items) online like ThemeForest. We have designed this web application with Paypal. If you have a PayPal account then set up a PayPal email and live your eCommerce website. We can integrate others payment gateways on demand like – Payumoney payment gateway, stripe payment gateway, Razorpay payment gateway, and instamojo payment gateway. We provide support for this eCommerce web software in PHP. 

Ecommerce system in php and MySQL Ecommerce web application in PHP

Features of eCommerce system in PHP website – 

The eCommerce platform is developed with many features – 
Responsive and Lightweight- The eCommerce system is completely responsive and lightweight. We contained usable files and remove unusable files from the web application. 
Three column eCommerce system – 
The current time has been upgraded. We use a three-column website for the eCommerce system. Three columns mean main body content with a left and right sidebar for more effectiveness. 
Ecommerce system sticky header and top header – 
We have designed two headers. The first header for pages and the second header for e-commerce items categories in PHP. We fetch and display categories and subcategories using PHP and MYSQL databases.
Shop with pagination – 
The shop page is created with pagination. Customers can check all digital items and buy. 
Tag related items – 
Create tags for SEO purposes. Click on any tags and check tagged digit products with pagination. 
Related items – 
Related items (Digital products ) below current item page. 
Sharing options – 
Customers can share items on social sites and copy links. 
Buy and Download – 
The eCommerce system is developed in PHP. We have made logic for buying system.  Customers can buy digital products and download them from the account panel. 
User Panel (My Account ) – 
We have made an account panel where users can download purchased items, user can check transaction history, and update the password. 
Checkout page – 
This eCommerce system is developed with a checkout page where customers can fill up their details and process to pay with a payments gateway. 
Searching system – 
Ecommerce system with the searching box.Search digital products with keywords. 
Contact Page – 
Customers can contact with the contact page. 
Ecommerce Customer registration – 
A new customer can register here. 
Ecommerce Customer login – 
Customers can log in and download their purchased items from here. 
Admin panel – 
The eCommerce platform has an admin panel. The admin panel is used to create digital products online. 
User management – 
An admin can create more users to handle the eCommerce system. 
General – 
You can change your website title, logo, home page tags, contact email, path, etc from here. 
Change currency – 
You can change the currency from the general setting. Just set any currency like – Currency code USD and currency symbol $ or INR and symbol ₹ . 
You can set any currency like that. 
Create digital products – 
You can create products with title, description, content, images, video, sale price, regular price, categories, notes, and upload file. You can private any digital products anytime and also edit and delete them.  
Product categories and subcategories – 
You can create categories and subcategories for a better experience. 
Create Pages – 
Create pages for specific details like – about us, terms, policy, refund policy etc. 
Media – 
Media for all uploaded images. Use the image link for reusable. 
Shop User – 
Here, you can check all registered customers (Edit and delete ) . 
Ecommerce payments (Order page )– 
Check all received payments with customer details. 
Ecommerce Theme Color changer  – 
Set your theme color.
Social links –
Set your social links. 
Items limit – 
Items limit is another advanced feature of eCommerce using PHP and MYSQL database. Admin can set the limit for Recent items (Sidebar), Trending items (Sidebar), Related items, Pages (Footer), Categories (Footer), Trending items (Footer), Items (Home page ), Categories(Home), Recent items (Home), Top items (Home).
Ecommerce Additional Settings –
The name additional indicates that you can add extra CSS, CSS link, js, js link, banners or ads code inside the head, header, below title left sidebar, right-sidebar, below content, footer, and before closing body tag. 

This eCommerce system comes with lifetime supports.
When we will upgrade it, you will get to download the upgraded version for free.
We have other payment gateways. If you need other payment gateways then you can contact by right sidebar below the price card or check the instant contact method in our website footer. 
Start your digital eCommerce website.