PHP Tutorials

PHP stands for Hypertext preprocessor that is known as server-side scripting language .
PHP designed by Rasmus Lerdorf and developed by Zend Technologies in 1994 .
PHP is used for the website development but also use for general programming language .
PHP is used for dynamic website development. PHP tutorials help to understand the basics of advance terms and codes. PHP tutorials are known as a reference to short out any problem-related to PHP programming and learn more.

PHP Syntax -


echo - The echo() function is used for print(display) the statement .

<?php - PHP opening
?> - PHP closing
You must open and close PHP using <?php and ?> .

You can embed the HTML code in PHP.
A simple HELLO Program in HTML code embedded in PHP File.



     echo "Hello ";
     echo "

This is main heading

"; echo "

This is sub heading of HTML

"; ?>
Save this file as example.php(Create code in a text editor like - notepad, notepad++ or sublime text editor and save the file name like- hello.php, my-first-program.php, hello-world-program.php Execute the program using xampp or wamp local server.
You will learn complete coding skills via PHP tutorials .

PHP Overview

1. PHP is not used for web designing .(Web Designing based on CSS+HTML)
2. PHP is used for web development .
3. PHP can not be written in HTML file . (myprgram.html)
4. HTML can be written in PHP file . (myprogram.php)
5. PHP is not display on webpage because it is a logical part of dynamic website (script part) .
6. PHP is a logical part of any website .
7. In terms of keywords and language syntax, PHP is similar to the C programming style syntax.|| if conditions, ||for and ||while loops,|| and function returns are similar in syntax to languages such as C, C++, C#, Java and Perl.
8. Dynamic website development .
9. It used for various types of CMS(Control Management System) development .

PHP Tutorials

Tutorials help to understand the basics of advanced programming skills. PHP programming is part of web development. If you want to become the best developer, you have to learn PHP tutorials from beginners. You can learn coding skills here. First of all, you should start with the basics. The base should be strong to code. In the PHP tutorials, you can learn daily updated tutorials with advanced skills.

Follow the rules to learn PHP Tutorials

PHP is a very easy programming language if your base is cleared. You should follow the steps to learn complete PHP tutorials and improve your programming skills.
1. First of all, understand the PHP basics.

2. You should understand the PHP basic syntax and process.

3. At the beginning time, execute the basic examples only and discover more relative examples. Never focus on advance coding at the beginning time.

4. PHP required daily practice. Execute the program daily.

5. Never stop code practice.

6. Advanced code will be taught after the basic tutorials.

7. You must know every term of PHP programming.

8. Daily PHP tutorials are posted here. You should learn all these tutorials and try the examples.

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