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I have purchased Flipmart WordPress theme

please help me with the installation. 

Flipmart like flipkart wordpress theme

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2 Answers

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Flipmart is a WordPress theme. You can install flipmart theme using the wordpress dashboard.

1. Goto appearance and click on themes. 

2. Click on add new theme. 

3. Browse flipmart theme zip file. If you get rar file format so first of all extract that flipmart rar file . 

Inside the rar file , you will get flipmart zip file. Browse that flipmart theme zip file and click on upload . 

4. Activate theme.

5. Install all required plugins.

6. Import demo data and get done.

In this way, you can install flipmart WordPress theme. 

Flipmart is like flipkart website theme. 




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You have not explained your problem. Kindly elaborate your problem   

You can install Flipmart WordPress theme easily like a simple Wordpress theme installation. If you have another issue please elaborate.

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sir, I have followed your direction but not install theme
can you help me by anydesk software

I think I have cheated by Envato
I lost my $22

Please sir help
i will do anything for this theme
Can you please tell me ? What is problem  to install flipmart theme ..
Share screenshot edit your question description .
Otherwise go to facebook search Techno smarter and message there for live solution .
You can get live support on the Facebook page.