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I have purchased Flipmart WordPress theme
please help me with the installation. 

Flipmart like flipkart wordpress theme

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You haven't explained your issue. Kindly elaborate on your problem   

You can install Flipmart WordPress theme easily like a simple Wordpress theme installation. If you have another issue please elaborate.


sir, I have followed your direction but not install theme can you help me by anydesk software I think I have cheated by Envato I lost my $22 Please sir help i will do anything for this theme
sanjay 07 Aug 2019
Can you please tell me ? What is problem to install flipmart theme .. Share screenshot edit your question description . Otherwise go to facebook search Techno smarter and message there for live solution .
shakti 07 Aug 2019
You can get live support on the Facebook page. @technosmarter
shakti 07 Aug 2019

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Flipmart is a WordPress theme. You can install flipmart theme using the WordPress dashboard.

1. Goto appearance and click on themes. 

2. Click on add new theme. 

3. Browse flipmart theme zip file. If you get rar file format so first of all extract that flipmart rar file . 

Inside the rar file , you will get flipmart zip file. Browse that flipmart theme zip file and click on upload . 

4. Activate the theme.

5. Install all required plugins.

6. Import demo data and get done.

In this way, you can install flipmart WordPress theme. 

Flipmart is like flipkart website theme. 


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Flipmart is one of the best WordPress theme like Flipkart website. Many developers are using flipmart theme for e-commerce website development. You are getting problem with the installation. 

Here, we will discuss flipmart theme installation process.

1. First of all, download flipmart theme and extract theme downloaded file (Zip or rar format) . 

2. After extract file, you have to upload flipmart.zip file inside the folder.


Flipmart ecommerce theme installation on wordpress 

Go to appearance ->Theme -> Add new -> Upload and browse the flipmart zip file only. 

3. After browse the flipmart theme zip file , click install now button. 

Flipmart theme install now

4. The flipmart theme will be installed and you will activate the flipmart theme. 

5. Install the all required plugins and activate. 


Install flipmart wordpress theme - Required Plugins


6. Now go to appearance ->Theme and click on Flipmart theme details- 


Flipmart wordpress theme setup on wordpress


7. After clicking on theme details, click on the theme setup button. Theme setup button will help you install the theme child theme, plugins, and demo. It's very simple. 




Flipmart theme setup

Click on the theme setup button and install all requirements. 

Never skip any step just install the child theme, install the plugins, and demo content. 

8. Demo content is more essential for flipmart theme. It will help you create and manage an eCommerce website. You can customize flipmart theme the same as Flipkart website theme. 


Select any layout and click on import. Stay on the page until 100 % processed. It may take more time. It depends on your internet connection. 


Flipmart wordpress theme demo content import



After installing the theme, you will get a message - 


Flipmart ecommerce wordpress theme installed successfully - Have fun .

Visit your website and enjoy the flipmart theme - You can add new products and sell. 

If you want to affiliate, you can use Flipmart theme with the Woozone WordPress plugin. 

Flipmart ecommerce WordPress theme  - add new products usin Woozone plugin


You can install the theme direct upload flipmart.zip file on the wp-content/theme folder and extract it there.

You can complete the installed theme. 

Wordpress Flipmart theme installed screenshot


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