Flipkart wordpress theme |Flipkart E-commerce wp theme

Flipkart is a Biggest online shopping portal. It is known as an online store and E-commerce website. In Flipkart website, You can see the design along with the better functionality. As you know from Flipkart, you can easily buy any product. Flipkart provides functionality purchase to order received.
If you want to download WordPress theme like Flipkart website, then I would like to tell you how you can easily download the theme.
The name of this theme is Flipmart , which is similar to Flipkart website, The interface of flipmart same looks like Flipkart e-commerce website. With interface of theme, the functionality of flipmart WordPress theme is also like Flipkart website. Flipmart theme allows you to easily set up the functional performance.

Flipkart WordPress theme

Features of Flipmart WordPress theme

For any e-commerce WordPress theme, this is most important to know about interface and functionality. With the flipmart you will get all functionality like Flipkartwebsite.

Let's talk about the features of Flpmart (Flipkart) e-commerce theme -

1. Flipmart provides you a lot of headers by which you can design your website according to your need. If you want to make your website look like Flipkart, you can make it by the header.

2. Flpmart included cloud zoom like Flipkart website .

3. With Flipmart , you get the On click demo importer, with the help of which you can easily import the demo data on the one click.

4. In the flpmart theme, you can use multilanguage. Flipkart supports Multilanguage.

5. Support Multicurrency.

6. In the Flipmart wp theme, You get visual Composer that helps easily customize your website.

7. WooCommerce Plugin - WooCommerce Plugin helps you easily create a product for your website.

Features of Woocommerce plugin.

A. Create products

B. Order process

C. Order cancel process

D. Order confirm

E.Email generates to customer

F. Message to customer

G. Update products

H. Delete products

I. Manage Inventory

8. MailChimp Plugin for Mail Setup.

9. Contact Form 7

10. Flipmart wp theme gives you the option to live chat with customers.

11.Responsive WordPress Theme.

12 Ratings are also available on the product

13. Fast Support


Flimart WordPress theme provides you all features of Flipkart website. With the help of fllipmart website, you can create your e-commerce website easily.