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Divi theme is installed as per your video tutorial(thanks for that) now the question is how to get updates of the theme, for that API key and username is required, any idea how to get that dear?
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4 Answers

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This is a free version only. You can search any crack key but it will be illegal.  You have to contact direct divi theme and purchase for a lifetime . You will get the Divi theme username and also API key.


The API key and username is most important for divi theme. You can get divi theme username and API key from elegantthemes.com

docs image

The username and API key are a help to update the divi theme and for legal use. 

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One of the best things is legal to use . Divi theme is available on  elegantthemes.com with the API key and also get the username . It will perfect for you.

Divi theme download - www.elegantthemes.com

You can not get the free username and API key for Divi theme. If you want to unlock the power of Divi, you should purchase it for legal. If an update comes, you can update and get more features with Divi theme. 

Please upvote my answer. 

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Yes, It's a proper way to get Divi theme API key and username.
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You can use the divi theme as well as after download. You do not need to have an API key or username. This is a free version only. You can customize any website with it without any API or username. Divi theme is one of the best theme to design a website without any complexity.

According to this tutorial, you can customize the WordPress theme and make new effective structure without API and username. 

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thanks for the quick response, but the issue is i got an older version of the theme and there are some exciting features in the current version, if you could provide me a link to the relatively newer version of divi that would be great.
You can use the divi theme version 3.2. This is available there.
can i get the link please?
Yes, Follow the steps.  

Search divi and scroll down the page. You will see all versions. The latest Divi theme 3.13 version is also available there.
Yes, You are right Shakti. Try it. You do not need any Divi theme API or username to create any website with Divi theme.
Divi 4.06 all package like
Divi Theme,
Divi Extra Blog theme
Divi Builder
Bloom plugin,
Monarch plugin,with
API key file
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Hey! Probir, I want Divi theme with API key and username. Can you describe more about it?
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Hello Mr imtiaz . You are not described well. I am understanding your requirement but it is not a way to get free Divi theme API key and username. Always work with legal details.

Go to the official website and get Divi theme API key, username. 

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