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To download the DIVI theme for free you searched all over the internet. But some of them have such themes which work and some themes are such that are useless to do the work. As you know,Divi theme is the best theme by which you can create any website. In the market, Divi theme is not free, but I will tell you how can you use it for free. Some peoples think that Divi is a plugin, but it is a theme. If you download from the market, you will have to pay a lot for this which is not good.
The developer also has to pay money to create a website. A developer gives so much money and much time to create a website that will be costly for you. If you wish, you can create a website by purchasing the theme but you will have to pay for it. It is not good that you make a website by paying money and you do not have to do anything. It is better than you to design a website yourself, it will be better for you to design a website yourself. Divi is a theme that also gives you a page builder features that allows you to easily create kind of websites.

How to download free wordpress divi theme

To download free Divi theme but you know how expensive it will be for you if you do not download the free theme. It is not a good thing for a developer to buy any theme and then create a website. Developers are those who develop the theme in free, Developers can use divi theme to design and develop a website.

What are the benefits of a DIVI theme?

As you know, WordPress is a CMS ,which you can use kind of website, Design and Develop. But nowadays many such themes that can easily make you a website. But for all those themes, you have to pay. There are also some websites themes on the internet, from which we can easily download your WordPress theme. But those themes are not attractive. You have to pay money for downloading all attractive themes. But if you want to create an attractive website by yourself, then you can create a Divi theme. It's great to use a Divi Theme, where you get all the modules. With whom you can easily create your own attractive website.

How to downlaod free Divi theme -Stepwise process -


You have to follow a few steps to download the divi for free.

Free Divi - Download- StepWise Process-

To download the Divi theme you have to follow the following steps.

Step 1-Divi theme download source

To download a free of charge divi theme, you have to visit a website. By going through that website, you will be confused about how to download the free theme for free. So let's talk about the first step in which you have to follow a thing. First, click on the link given below.

Step 2- Divi theme direct website

Now you come to a website name theme-Jojo. After coming to the theme Jojo, you get some of themes. But if you look at the Divi Theme direct website, you do not get anything. You have to search for that. You have to click on the search icon to search.

free divi theme  download

Step 3- Search divi theme

After clicking on the search icon, you have to type the DIVI in the search box and click on the search.

free Divi theme  download

Step 4- Latest version of divi theme

In this step, you get all Divi theme versions. Here you will get the latest version, you just have to download it. In the latest version, you can create kind of website with the latest features. Now you have to click on the new version.

divi free latest version

Step 5-Copy Divi theme source

This step is very useful for you. In this step, you have to scroll down the page and get a download link below and you have to copy the download link.

download free divi latest theme

Step 6- Open in new tab and download wordpress divi theme

In this step, you have to paste the downloaded link in the browser tab that was copied by you. By opening the new tab or browser, you copy and paste the download link into a new tab and one page will be open. In this page, you have click on the button called Free Download.

download free theme without paid

Step 7- Download icon

In this step, You do not want to do anything, just click on the download icon.

free download divi theme website

Step 8- Divi theme download has started

After clicking on the download icon you will see that the download has started.

divi theme

In this way, you can easily download and do it -

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