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PHP explode() Function

Explode function is used to split a string into an array. You can convert the string into an array. In this PHP tutorial, we create string and split into an array using explode() function, it splits it into the array.

PHP if else Statements -Control Structure

Decision making means you have take a decision for you work code .if Statement is used when the one condition is true .(Only one statement ) .if statement,if else statement,nested if.else (if...else..else if..statement),switch statement

Switch Statement in PHP

Switch Case is used to avoid the blocks of nested if-else.The switch statement is based on the case. Switch case statements are easy to use rather then if-else and nested if-else statements.

PHP for loop | Types of Loop

Loops in PHP are used to execute the block of code specified number of times.In for loop, you have to specify initial value and condition.

PHP While Loop

While statement(loop) depends on the expression if a test expression is true then the while statement will execute a block of code .PHP While Loop example.

PHP do While Loop

In the do-while loop, code executes at least once then repeats the loop as long as a condition is true. The do-while loop is slightly different from the while loop.

Foreach Loop

The foreach loop is a very useful loop that accesses the array items one by one. The foreach loop work only on the array.Foreach loop in PHP with examples and reference.

PHP Built-in Functions

Learn about the built-in function in PHP.Complete tutorials on built-in functions. Built-in functions are those functions that are already readymade. These functions are used for a specific purpose. Each built-in function has different functionalities.

User Defined Functions in PHP

Learn about the User-defined functions in PHP. In PHP there is various built-in function and also within you can create your own functions for different functionality perform. A user define the function in PHP declared by the word -function.PHP User Defined Functions examples and code.

Pass by value vs reference

Learn about pass by value vs pass by reference. In the pass by value, the argument values are affected only locally in the function. Difference between Pass by value vs reference in PHP.