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Swapping Two variables

Swapping in PHP is a very easy method. Swapping two variables means you have to interchange the value of variables. In this tutorial, we are going to swap two variables using PHP programming.

PHP: Factorial recursion program

Create a program using the recursion method to find out the factorial of a number and factorial program using PHP for a loop. You have to use mathematics logic to find out the factorial of n number. In this example, we will learn complete basics terms in PHP.

PHP Function With arguments

In the function of arguments, we pass the arguments in function and define the value of variables at the end of the function call. Learn Complete function with argument using PHP.

Function Without arguments | No parameters

Without argument with functions, we defined value first and call the function.No arguments to pass in the function.No parameter define in function.

Date and Time functions - PHP Examples

Date() and time() functions are used to display the date and time on the web page. Display the Time with 12 hrs formate and also Display the day name on the webpage. Date and Time function Examples. Learn the complete PHP date and time functions.

PHP File Operators

In this tutorial, we will learn about how to create files, open, read, delete, append, close in PHP.Tutorial on Creating Files, Directories. PHP Directory Examples.

PHP: File Modes

File modes are the elements used to perform various tasks. Like-Create a file, Open , Read, Delete, Append , close . File modes explained in PHP. File Modes examples.

Error Handling Mechanism in PHP

Error handling mechanism is too important for the web applications to display the error message if the file doesn’t exist. Handle the error In PHP. How to handle error in PHP. Error handling mechanism in PHP.

HTML form data convert into excel file using PHP|CSV file format

In this tutorial, we will fill the information in the form and convert it into CSV (Excel )File. Here we will convert HTML form data into CSV file using PHP.

Upload a CSV(excel) file and import into database using PHP and MYSQL

Learn how to CSV file upload and parse it , get data into the database table? Convert Excel(CSV) file data into a MySQL database table. Save excel data into a database. How to import CSV file data into a database using PHP