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What is wamp Server ?| Install Local server

Wamp is a local server that works like xampp server. What is the wamp server and how to download wamp on the computer . Wamp, Wamp Local Server, Local server, Wamp server, What is wamp local server, the best local server, PHP , installation Wamp, PHP5, PHP tutorials

Wamp local server download,install and configuration

Wamp is a local server through which you will be able to run your PHP files. Wamp local server installation, Wamp download, how to, how to download Wampp and configuration, Wamp server, local server, PHP 5 , PHP tutorials, What is Wamp server

Login form using PHP & MYSQL | Simple Signin System

The login system is an important part of any website. Create a SIGN IN form using PHP and MYSQL. The login form is used to authenticate user information

SignUp Form using PHP & MYSQL | Simple Registration System

In this tutorial, we will learn about how to create a SignUp system in PHP. Signup is a simple process to insert the values in the database. In the SIGN-Up system you have to use the insert query. Here you can see the simple Registration form in PHP and how to Registration using PHP MySQL

Insert data into database and display in HTML Table using PHP & MYSQL

In this tutorial, we will insert the data into the database and fetch(display) in an HTML table using PHP and MYSQL.In this PHP tutorial, we will insert data using HTML form and PHP and will display the data into an HTML table from the MYSQL database table.

Delete data from the table using PHP and MYSQL database

Delete data from the table is done by the delete query using PHP and MySQL. Insert, display the data in the table and also delete from the table.

Update data in MYSQL database table using PHP | Edit operation

In this tutorial, we are going to perform an update operation.PHP script and MySQL update query are used to update the data in the database table.

CRUD application using PHP and MYSQL database

In this tutorial, we will create a CRUD application. In CRUD we will Create data , Read data, Upadate data, Delete data. Create a PHP MySql CRUD generator and Define PHP CRUD Application. Example of PHP CRUD application System

Session in PHP

In this tutorial, you will learn about the session in PHP. How to start and destroy a session. Else you will learn how to create the session, PHP Session Destroy, and PHP session example

PHP cookies

The cookie is a small file stored on a client computer through the webserver. In simple words, the server saved user information in the user computer as cookies.