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CSS is a designing language by which we design the web pages. The full form of CSS is cascading stylesheet.CSS is also known as a stylesheet language. CSS is used to design web pages made of HTML. Understand in simple language, when a developer creates an HTML web page, that web page does not look good. CSS has to be used to design a web page. Document pages are presented in different designs by CSS. In order to design the content and layout of the HTML web page differently, font, color, shadow, etc. are given in CSS, which makes the designing of the page and the page looks very good.

CSS Tutorials helps to understand all designing steps and codes.CSS Tutorials are designed and managed with better resources and best approaches. In the current time, the CSS style sheet is mostly using for web designing and has looked great.

Who is the developer of CSS stylesheet?

The CSS specification is maintained by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). CSS was introduced in the web world on December 17, 1996. To CSS Hakon Wium Liebert was developed by the BosWorld Wide Web Consortium. This was the period when the W3C had a huge success. Apart from HTML, other markup languages support CSS including XHTML, XML, SVG and XUL.

How to write CSS?

CSS is another stylesheet to design web pages. It ‘s very simple to write. You can understand the CSS syntax.

Syntax of CSS –



CSS id and CSS class do not make much difference. Dots are appended with the CSS class, while the # sign is appended to the CSS id. The HTML page is designed using CSS in HTML. Similar designs can also be done by the Cass class. Let's understand the syntax.



CSS is written between the <style> </style> tag to design the HTML pages. CSS is always written in the head tag of HTML. First, let's create a simple CSS stylesheet -

You can use CSS attributes, properties in CSS stylesheet block { } .

How to write CSS in HTML?

CSS is written in the head tag of HTML language. This approach is known as internal CSS because we are writing CSS within the HTML code itself. Let's use the CSS created in HTML.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Web title is here</title>


This is my sub heading 1

This is my sub heading 2

This is my sub heading 3

</body> </html>

In the above example, we have written CSS in the head tag, in the <body> we have used <h2> 3 times, this will make all the <h2> tags green. CSS effects can be seen using <p> tag, <h1> to <h6gt; heading tag etc.

More about CSS Tutorials -

CSS Tutorials include all related information and examples. These tutorials are created for beginners with advanced designing skills. The daily tutorials are posted here. CSS is very simple to learn. The complete CSS reference helps to understand the complete concept of designing a website. These tutorials are written in very simple language with accurate approaches.

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