Paypal Payment form in PHP website with MYSQL database | International Payments

This is important to have an online payment form on the website. Here, we are going to integrate the PayPal payment form on the website. This web application form is created for international payments using the PayPal payment gateway. This is written in the PHP programming language. If you want to get online payments from clients or customer then you can integrate this PayPal payment gateway into any website. In the current time, everybody wants to receive international payments online. We know that businesses are spreading all over the world. If you sell the services at the international stage then you will need the PayPal payment form. Integrate PayPal payment gateway on your website with better resources. The source is designed in manner. 
 Let’s discuss features of Paypal payment gateway form – 

Features of Paypal payment gateway in PHP website – 

1.    Paypal Payment form – 

Paypal Payment Gateway payment form in PHP

We designed an attractive Paypal payment form. Clients or customers enter the amount and about the payment then can process for payments. This form is really easy to receive online payment using the PayPal payment gateway. The PayPal form is designed by CSS and functional by PHP and MYSQL database. 

2.    Payment Status Page – 

A user completes the payment and gets redirected to the PayPal success page on the merchant website (owner website ). The payment status page is known as the PayPal success page. The PayPal success page contains the payments related information. 

3.    PDF invoice – 

On the PayPal success page, the payer can download the invoice in PDF format. This is the main advance to download the payment details in PDF format. This is the major and important part of the PayPal payment form in PHP. 

4.    Excel Invoice. 

If you are thinking about Paypal payment gateway integration in PHP with MYSQL database then you should know about another feature. Payers(customers or clients ) can download the invoice in excel format. That’s really interesting. Google is also using the excel format. 

5.    All Received Payments – 

If you are receiving payments online using PayPal payment form and want to check completed payments then this page will help you. This page is designed for the merchant (Seller, owner of the website ). The merchant can check all completed payments by payers. 

6.    Email Notification in PHP – 

An email notification is used to notify the payer about the payment. When a customer or client makes the payment and after completing the payment, the payment confirmation details go to the customer or client(Who paid). This is created with PHP mail function and HTML message with CSS design. Integrate payment gateway form with email notification using PHP and MYSQL database. 

7.    Paypal integration configuration form (Setup page )-

If you want to integrate PayPal payment gateway in PHP, you have to provide PayPal configuration details. This is the main page to set up and installs the PayPal payment gateway in PHP with an MYSQL database. It contains the configuration details. You have to fill up all the details in the form. The most important part of this form, you can set Test and Live mode easily in one click.

How to integrate PayPal payment gateway form in PHP website – 

It’s really simple with this web application resource. 
1.    Use your live server because the mail function does not work on the localhost.  Upload the complete source in any folder of your website.
Like – or, where you want to upload.
2. You will get the database in the source folder and import that database tables on the live PHPMyAdmin database. Import and save.
3. Open the config.php file and provide your connection details. 
4. Open setup.php file and fill up the details below.
    PayPal Email Id- Enter your business email and other details. 
   5. Enjoy the live payments. 

Paypal payment form is created with easy PHP codes. You can customize and get full support from our side