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The payment form is a really important part of a website. A website holder can receive payment from the clients and can generate invoices with or without GST %. This PHP web application is developed for complete payment solutions using the PayPal payment gateway in PHP. Paypal payment gateway integration in PHP with an MYSQL database. The payment form has been designed for the business holder, freelancer, and shop owner using the Paypal payment gateway. In the current time, technology is improving well with advanced features. You can download and install this PayPal payment gateway form system on your existing or new website.   As you know, Paypal is one of the best payment gateway for international payments receive. In this PHP web application, you can set any currency from the admin panel. It supports all currencies. We have designed bootstrap for the responsive web application.  There are two payment forms in this PHP software. The first form is for the custom amount and the second from by pay link. Admin creates a payment link with the desired amount and description.  Admin can set any currency from the admin panel. Paypal payment gateway integration is made simple with this PHP web application.  This PHP web app does not require any coding skills to install and work on it.

Payment form using Paypal Payment Gateway with Invoice generator in PHP Paypal payment gateway integration in PHP with email system Paypal payment gateway integration in PHP

Let’s discuss PayPal payment gateway form features –

Paypal payment gateway in PHP –

As you know, Paypal is another payment gateway platform or website. Paypal helps to integrate payment gateway in websites for eCommerce and payment forms.
We have used Paypal PHP kits in this PHP web software .

Paypal payment form –

Paypal provides a form for customer payment processing. We have created two Paypal payment forms for the customers. We have created two payment forms In this web application. This is a complete payment form project in PHP for online payments. Merchant can receive online payments from customers.

Payment Link generator for Paypal payment gateway –

It’s the best feature if you see that we can create a payment link from our own website. In this web application, we have developed a payment link generator like the Paypal website. Admin can enter the amount, description, and create a payment link. Admin can create multiples payment links and send them to the customers by mail system.

Mail System in PHP website–


This is another advanced feature of the PHP website scripts or web application. As you know, everybody uses mail networks to send mail to customers like – Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.

We have developed an email system that is used to send an email, Paypal payment link with a pay button to the customer email. Admin can send Paypal manual form link, payment link, and simple mail without a button.

Invoice generator with or without GST tax –

As you know the invoice plays important role in a business. If you are a business holder, freelancer, or shop owner then it will be helpful for you. The invoice system (feature) helps to create invoices with or without GST percent % in PHP. You can download PDF after the invoice is created. If you do not want to apply GST the leave the GST field blank.

Features List of Paypal payment gateway form with invoice and mail system in PHP

Admin panel –

1.    Admin login form  - Admin can log in with username and password.

2.    Admin forgot password form – If the admin forgets the password

3.    Admin can add new user, update users and delete users

4.    General settings – Admin can change website URL, website title, logo, payment path, text on PDF invoice, Text of Paypal payment forms, Text of email templates, contact email credits, etc.  Admin can add currency – like – USD, INR, AUD, GBP, etc.

It supports all Paypal currency.

5.    Admin can set the Paypal payment gateway configuration details from the admin panel. 

6.    Admin can generate a payment link, update the Payment link and activate, deactivate, delete the payment link from the admin panel

7.    Admin can generate a new invoice with customer details, name, address, mobile, email, Pincode, gender and amount, description, quantity with or without GST %.  The payment invoice can be created with GST or without GST %. It will be displayed in the PDF invoice with the total amount, GST % , TAX amount, and grand total (payable amount )

  1. Admin can send mail to the customer . Send a generated payment link with email or send a simple mail without a payment link and pay button.

User Interface –

1.    In the user interface, we have created two forms. In the first form, the customer can pay with the custom amount but in the second form, the admin decides the payment amount and description first.

2.    Customers receive payment details on email.

3.    Customers receive payment reminders or simple HTML mail from admin. (Email notification )

4.    Customers pay with Paypal payment gateway with a Credit card, debit card, and PayPal account

5.    Customers can download the invoice on the payment success page as the payment reference.

PHP installer –

In this web application, we have developed a PHP installer that is used to install and create data tables. No need for any coding skills to install.  You can install it on an existing website or a new website.

How to install this Paypal payment form PHP web application?


  1. First of all upload the source files on your server. You can upload in root folder or create any other pay folder.
    2. Extract the zip file.
    3. Open URL like – pay/    or root folder
    4. Enter your host, database username, database name, and password.
    5. Create a user. (Set a strong password )

Now you can log in to the admin panel.

Go to the general settings and change the details you want. Change the path according to your website path.
Like – or for root