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I want to improve my website rank in Google. What is the best resource to learn SEO?
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SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation ) 

SEO  stands for the Search Engine Optimization. As you know that importance of website traffic.

If your website SEO is good, then traffic comes on your website. 

You can increase your business through web traffic only. The SEO  helps your website content optimization and better traffic. 

SEO  ---

SEO  contained three  words 

1. Search. 

2.  Engine 

3. Optimization. 

 Let's talk about what these three words. 

1. Search. -

Whenever you search for a keyword on Google search engine or any other search engine, it is called search. If you want to find the best hotel for an example, how do you search?

1. All the best hotels near me

2. Good hotels

3. Best hotels in Dehradun 

4. Best hotels in Delhi. 

Or if you have to search for the best SEO company then how do you search? 

1.  Best SEO Company

2. Top SEO Company

4. Best SEO Company in Dehradun  

5. Top IT  SEO Company  in Delhi 

In this way, you have a search.  The complete process is known as Search. 

2. Engine -

 In simple word, Engine works continuously whatever you want. You do not need to do any work. Engine like -

Top 10 search engines. 

1. Google search engine 

2.  Bing Search Engine

3. Yahoo Search Engine

4.  Ask.com Search Engine

5    Aol.com  Search engine.

6. Baidu Search Engine

7.Wolfrom Search Engine

8 .. DuckDuckGo search engine.

Yandex. Search Engine

10. Internet Archiev  Search Engine

These are all search engines on which we can search for any information. Whenever we enter any keyword, then the keyword gets related information.

3. Optimization - 

Optimization refers to the action of making the best or most effective use of a situation or resource. 

Jobs are also called policies such as policies and rules to optimize the content of any website.

Optimize any website content. To optimize the website content, we used some rules that known as SEO. 

  SEO means if a human is searching for a information on a search engine, then the above-mentioned information should be returned to the relevant information. Now the use of SEO is done to get the results at the top.

Simple SEO  Techniques-

1. Website title should be related to website content. 

2. Give the most attention to the website meta content. Google and other search engines read the meta content

3. Take special care of heading tags. You want to use the sequence of headings as a sequence. This is a very important thing for the SEO. How to use the heading tags in website content. 

4. It is important to spread the keyword in content. 

5. Write. content bigger

6. You can create 10 keywords by using the Keyword Research Tool. You can use Google Keyword Planner for keyword research.

7 Backlinks - Backlinks are important for your website authority, linking your website to another website is called backlink.

8. Submit your website sitemap. increase your website traffic by index your website page. 

In this way, you can do website SEO. SEO helps to improve your website's organic traffic...

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