HTML Meta Tags

The meta tag is more powerful for a website that is in various ways. It is the main part of SEO. We used the meta tag to identify that which type of content we have used for a web page. When the search engine scrolls the web pages It reads the meta tag and fetches the content related to searched keywords.

Type of meta tags are-

1. Meta description

2. Meta Keywords

3. Meta ViewPort

4. Meta refresh

Meta Description-

Inside the meta description, we write the small paragraph to define all over page content.
Meta description contains the small amount of content to represent all contents which type content we have used for our web page.

Example of Meta Description-

<meta name="description" content="Define which type  of content used on web page">
Note-Description should be 160 to 200 words only .

Meta Keywords-

Meta Keywords is the part of the SEO.


Keywords refers to the what user search on search engine. Every website contains various keywords related to the website contents.

Example 1-

If you are going to develop a website for a Hotel then keywords will be -Best hotel near me, the best hotel in Dehradun, Top hotel, Fantastic hotel, Hotel in the city, or more many keywords that are searched by everyone on a search engine.

Example 2-

Tech Blog Keywords-

HTML,CSS,PHP,Wordpress ,C#,Asp.Net ,Techno,Source Code ,Training ,Learn,Programming,website ,examples , development,demos,tutorials,lessons,solutions,colors,How to ,References

<meta name="keywords" content=" Keywords goes here ">
Note-Use 10 keywords for whole website pages .

Meta View -

Viewport is related to the how to view(display) the content on the various devices.

Example of Meta View Port.

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">

Meta Refresh -

Meta Refresh is used to redirect one page to another . We have use page link or web URL to redirect.

Example of Meta View Refresh

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=" />

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