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Google Adsense Approve and Make money with Google Adsense

In order to approve the web blog from Google Adsense, you have to work on the content and structure of your website. Why Google Adsense does Approval Web blog? What you need to do to approve the website. Why Google Adsense Blog Website Approved?

Google Adsense


Let's talk about what is Google AdSense?
Google Adsense is a Google product that helps website monetize (You can earn money after monetize ) your blog website.You can make money with the Google adsense after monetize you blog .

Why Google Adsense Approve web blog ?

As you know, Google Adsense helps in monetizing the Web blog. Google had a lot of clients who give Google money to show their business to the public. Google shows clients business ads on the Web Blog. Google Adsense gives some money to the blogger for ad placing on their blog. Now talk about all steps after then you will get approval in three days (100% guaranteed) - You have to follow the following steps to approve Blog from Google Adsense. If you follow the steps, you can easily get approval for your web blog in 3 days. approval you will make money according to your work

To get approval for your web blog, how to choose the theme of your blog?

1. Theme -

I. In order to approve the website from Google Adsense, you have to choose a simple theme for your blog. The theme of the blog should be simple and clear.

II. Blog themes also have an effect on Google Adsense.

III. Your theme is not very colorful. You never use a colorful theme for your web blog. The theme should be simple color(Not any dark color).

IV. Theme Load Page Speed-
Load speed should be high. Google includes the blog page if your website blog page speed is good. Page load speed should be good, so you have to use the theme that does not have many animations. Blog themes with more animation take a lot of time to load.

2. Web Blog Management -

Google Adsense review the website structure |management before given the approval. Your web blog look should be feelable and professional that will affect Google Adsense and you will get approval easily. Now you have to manage your web blog structure.

Homepage -

Having a homepage on your website is a must. At the top of every page must have a home page, yes. Even if you have created your website or have made WordPress, then home page is also necessary.

About Page -

About page plays an important role for your website. Google Adsense looks at your Web page. Google Adsense does want to know about your blog before approve the web blog. Write good about your blog on the About page. You can see how to manage the About Page for the Google Adsense by Click here.

Terms & Policy Page-

Writing Terms & Policy page is small differ from another page. Google Adsense also reads the terms and policies of your blog. Google Adsense looks at the Web Blog's Terms & Policy page and what the terms and conditions of this blog are. Terms & Policy: You need to show some credentials and some policies of your blog.

How to manage terms and policy page see here - Click here

Contact page -

There should also be a contact page on the website. Google Adsense checks before website Approval that the website does build in manner. To create a good professional web blog, you also have to create a contact page. Click here to view the contact page.

Now let's talk about how much content you have to write and how many posts you have to apply for Google Adsense. Contact Page

Adsense website approval|Make money

1. Post / article-

You will also have to look for your blog post to approve Google Adsense. 1. Your content should be fresh. You do not have to copy any content from another blog and put it on your blog. If you pick up the content of another web blog, then Google policy does under this activity and Google will not approve your WebSite blog and you will not be able to monetize your website.

You just have to write fresh content that is written by you and another person not copied from another web blog.
2. Write the unique content on your blog website. Google Adsense looks the best result Therefore, you should have unique content.

3. Blogging will be a start for you. You have had to write 1500 to 2000 words blog post/article. Google Adsense has to show a lot of content. That's why you wrote the post bigger.

4. You have to write 12 posts /article minimum and more than 15 posts maximum after that you will be able to get approval from Google Adsense.

Create Sitemap and submit to Google webmaster.

Sitemap helps to index index your website page on google search engine. You have to create a sitemap of your webs blog and submit to google webmaster. Google Adsense To quickly approve your website if you have created your website sitemap and submit to google webmaster. With the help of Sitemap, the pages of your website will be indexed by Google , hence will also be able to see your page.

After submitting the sitemap to Google, you have to apply for Google. Now you apply for Google Adsense. If you have followed all the steps, you will be able to get 100% approval in 3 days.

1. Work genuinely.

2. Never use copied content

3. Write the fresh or unique content.

5. Article fonts should be readable

6. Use steps and image to present your imagination through the article. It will look and feel
7. Trending post

get google adsense approval in 3 days tutorial
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