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The certificate management system is used to create certificates for students, and employees. This certificate system is created in PHP with an MYSQL database. You can easily generate the certificate using this web software (Web Application in PHP). The certificate management system is designed for institutes, organizations, coaching centers, and other companies. You can completely customize the certificate using this web application. We have designed this certificate system using Bootstrap. Bootstrap is one of the best framework that helps to make a responsive website. By using this certificate system, you can generate certificates and print them. You can make a hard copy of the certificates using the printer and also save it as a PDF file. The certificate management system is created with PHP PDO prepared statements with OOPS concept, AJAX, JQuery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JS, and MYSQL database. This is a completely secure system.

Certificate management system in PHP and MYSQL

Student certificate management system in PHP and MYSQL

Features of certificate management system in PHP website –

There are many features in this certificate system –

Admin Panel (Control Panel)  - We have designed this system with an admin panel. An admin user can control and customize everything from the admin panel.
General Settings – In general settings, the admin can change the certificate title, address on the certificate, sub-title on the certificate, email on the certificate, website on the certificate, logo on the certificate, website email, etc.
Admin Users – An admin can create new users or update the admin user account.
Options – This is one of the major features. You can change grades and other texts here. It will help you customize the certificate according to yourself.
More Settings – As you can see in a demo, there are many certified images like – ISO, stamp, authority signature, and certificate. You can change every certified image from more settings or you can remove them.
Course | Department – Certificate based on courses or departments. You can easily create your courses or department name in the course option.
Registrations  - This is also a major feature of the certificate management system. If you have many students in your institute, college, or organization then you can easily create a registration for all of them. After registration is completed, you can easily create a certificate by clicking on the certificate button. Fill out the form fields like – Duration, of course, Year, course, grade, and certificate number. The certificate number will be automated by PHP.
Certificates – All certificates will be available here. You can easily edit any certificate.
Certificate Theme Color – We like different colors and previews. You can change the certificate color from the theme color options.
Simple Installer – We designed this web software with an installation form. Using this simple form, you can easily install certificate systems on local and live servers. If you already have a website, you can easily install it with an existing one.
Print Certificate – After generating the certificate, you can easily print it by the printer and make a hard copy also you can save it as a PDF.
This certificate management system is written in PHP and with an MYSQL database.

Version 1.1 (Latest Updated)  new
Higher security level
Support PHP 7.4 and PHP 8 + Versions 
Version 1.0
Initial Release ..