How to Execute the First Program in Nodejs?

You might be aware that most entrepreneurs are shifting their businesses digitally by making apps and webs, as people nowadays prefer to fulfill their wishes by utilizing them. So to get digital solutions ready for their enterprises to meet customers' varying requirements, they crack a deal with a good development company.

Gradually, the need for developers among companies to create different applications rose significantly over time. So, if you are motivated and want to pursue your career in developing solutions for business, then you first need to decide on the specific framework for learning it. Although there are many frameworks present in the market, so are the jobs for them.

But amongst them, NodeJS is the preferable one for pursuing careers and is also utilized by most coders, as it is easy to learn for beginners who want to work in the development field. According to statistics, NodeJS is preferred by 47.12% of programmers for using it in developing applications.

Moreover, NodeJS is a cross-platform, open-source, back-end JavaScript Runtime Environment executed on a JavaScript engine and runs JavaScript code block out of a web browser.

Steps to Write First Code in NodeJS

Now, for knowing how to run simpler code in NodeJS? Here are some steps mentioned below; by following them, you will learn about executing programs in NodeJS, giving simplified output. But for that, you need to understand the NodeJS architecture entirely to run codes of NodeJS efficiently. Also, it will assist you in writing a program with lesser errors.

Step 1: Install NodeJS in your System

The first step towards running a program is to install and set up NodeJS on your machine. You need to download it to your system from an official website of NodeJS and save the most recommended version for windows users. To install it on your machine, you need to double-click on 'Node.js Setup' present in downloads and then set the proper path of it from environment variables. 

Step 2: Check Whether it’s Properly Installed or Not Using CMD

After completing the installation and once the path is set, you need to ensure that it's properly installed and its path is set appropriately. So to examine it, you need to enter two codes: 1.) node --version, and 2.) npm --version. If an error is displayed in the output, you need to set the path from the environment variables again, as described in Step 1.

Step 3: Write The First Code in Visual Studio Code Editor

After confirming that an installation is done correctly, you need to create a file in Visual Studio Code Editor with a '.js' extension appended to any filename you have given and write a code inside it.

For example:

var name = "NodeJS Code";

console.log(`Hello World! This is ${name}`);

Step 4: Execute the Program in Visual Studio Code Editor Terminal

Once a code is written into a file, you can run that program by calling a file by writing 'node' in front of 'filename' inside Visual Studio Code Editor's 'Terminal' Section given to you. The output of above-written code that would be displayed to you in the editor is given below:


D:\Work\Home> node ‘filename’.js
Hello World! This is NodeJS Code

So in this way, you can execute your first NodeJS program. It's not done just by writing and running code in the editor. You are also required to learn NodeJS from beginning to appropriately develop applications in the future and earn a decent income. After learning this framework, you will get to know certain benefits of NodeJS described in the next section. 

Perks Of NodeJS From a Development Perspective

You might have received an idea from the previous section that to write a NodeJS program, you don't need to put in any extra effort. It's one of the reasons why NodeJS is counted as the favorite programming language among the developers' community. The coders also gain some advantages by utilizing NodeJS for building effective solutions. Those are mentioned below:

Simpler to Learn

NodeJS consists of an easy programming structure, and it becomes much more streamlined for coders to learn NodeJS for building real-time applications and web apps. Hence, developers require less time to write the code of NodeJS.

Due to its easy-to-understand programming structure, NodeJS is known as the most-liked framework among users, according to a report of 2018. It is because an individual requires very minimal effort and time to adapt NodeJS and work with it, whether he/she is a beginner or junior-level programmer. 
Assists in Creating Cross-Platform Apps
NodeJS allows you to leverage different JavaScript frameworks for creating cross-platform applications that are compatible with running on multiple operating systems. You just need to write code once, which saves significant time of writing individual codes for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Besides this, you can also create native desktop applications by writing a single code of NodeJS. It doesn't require you to possess in-depth knowledge of C#, Objective C, and other programming languages to build native apps for PCs.
Provides Support of the Community to Streamline Development
As NodeJS has a vast community of coders consistently contributing for making it a better platform to work on, you can receive extensive support from top-level programmers from all over. Furthermore, it will assist you in solving the most challenging and peculiar issues that might occur during the development process. 

Moreover, you will also find a massive resource of modules, registries, codes, ready-made solutions, and libraries on GitHub that are developed by programmers to get appropriate outcomes with a finite source.

Parting Words

Today, the preferences for applications among people have bolstered considerably to fulfill their daily requirements. So, entrepreneurs are compelled to adopt a digital paradigm and build a solution due to its vast demands using a specific tech stack. You, as a developer, can take advantage of such needs and earn significant income by delivering solutions of NodeJS. If you are new to this framework, then here are some steps mentioned earlier that will help you to write the first code in NodeJS. 

There are also some benefits of NodeJS from a development perspective stated in this post, which would motivate you to work with the NodeJS framework and serve innovative solutions for making people's lives more streamlined in the future.

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